December 16, 2005

Gingerbread Disasters and Other Sad Stories

My domestic side, while getting a fierce work-out lately because of our zero-eating-out-budget, has truly been bruised. Last night, we ended up with ginger snaps instead of gingerbread people to decorate. The kids got a belly-laugh when we pulled them out of the oven in a tray full of little flat crispy puddles. (I mean, hey - if Ljc can bake cookies with her doggie and they come out fine, what's left for me but a life of shame?) The recipe was great, but I had allowed my six year old to read me the ingredients (and she translated 2.5 cups of flour into 1.5 cups somehow). They were a little disappointed about not getting to ice them. You just don't ice ginger snaps. It's not done.

Before I let them use the cookie cutters, I went looking for my digital camera (which has been gathering dust for the first time in years on the laundry room shelf) to see if it had any battery left. Not a drip. It took me ten minutes to find the box with the battery charger. As my husband downloaded the files off of the 256 picture card on his PC, I tried to fire up my computer. The grey screen of death gave it's icy stare from my monitor. I turned the computer off "the hard way" - by jabbing it's belly button - for a little sweet revenge and to jolt it back to reality. I've been dreading this moment for five years. It wouldn't power back on.

So, my ginger-people are puddles, and my computer is dead. Bahumbug. Even worse than that, though: My husband brought home "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" last night on video. I won't give a review, because some of you may have forgotten to take your Prozac today. Let's just say that my husband is banned from video selection for at least a month.

We are considering what is cheaper.... buy a new computer, or drive to Texas and confiscate my daughter's PC out of storage (gutting it to insert my D drive and taking it over). Of course, this would mean I could also get my four boxes of CHECKS that I managed to somehow forget in a "blonde moment" (as my blonde husband calls it). It wouldn't hurt to visit a few GREAT friends and eat at Chipotle, Pei Wei, and our favorite breakfast taco joint. It would cost about the same as buying a brand new PC. What do you think? Should I head for the border?

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Italian Dad said...

Sprittibee, I am somehow getting the feeling that you'll just grab any "excuse" to come back to Texas, don't you? :-)

Although the visit would be a delight, and all of us the Gs would just love to see you guys even for a second, I must allow my Spock-Vulcan logic to take over for a second.

A new PC would come with software, warranty and whole bunch of new stuff, and it would be faster too....

Uhu... wait, did I just write that?
Ohhh, just forget that, just come down, I lost my mind for a second. I will tell AG to start cooking. You all are invited. The salsa is hot, the tortillas are almost ready and barbecue is smoking in the backyard, ditch the PC and come on down... Love you guys!

(And if you come down bring the dead PC, between K and I , two techies together we WILL fix the stuff, while our two lovely ladies and our kiddos chow down on some of the greatest breakfast burritos at J&J.. )

Italian Dad

MommyLydia said...

I was just thinking the same thing (excuses to get back to Texas)

eMachines at Best Buy come VERY cheaply. ($500-ish after rebates)

Anonymous said...

i beg to differ about icing the gingersnaps, but you can use them for saurbraten meatball sauce...or send them here and i'll make it! LOL!

sorry about your computer...

good to see you settling into life in the new place :-)

Grizzly Mama said...

Mmmmmmmm. Sounds good Sprittibee, I think you should go!!

Sprittibee said...

Well, I went to Texas. You are all correct in assuming that I would use any excuse to get across the border. Of course, it is hard to resist with such great people and food there... and we had a super time. Kevin is unboxing the spare computer and getting ready to fix it up right now. I'm more tired than I have been since we moved our stuff up here in the last Texas run. But, I'm glad I don't have a 26 foot moving truck to unload this time. I'll sleep good tonight, and worry about missing Texas tomorrow.



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