December 19, 2005

Six Flags and Texas Snobbery

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Not just a theme park, the national flags that have flown over Texas are a colorful part of Texas (and U.S.) history. Each flag symbolizes an era of the state's past and a country which staked its claim to Texas soil. Since 1519, when Cortez explored the region, the following countries have flown their banner over the Lone Star State (in order by year of claim):

  • Spain

  • France

  • Mexico


  • The Confederate States of America

  • The United States of America

For more information about each of these eras in Texas history, you can click this link: The Six National Flags of Texas, and for more interesting history and facts about Texas, please click the title of this post!

Of all the other states, Texas and Hawaii are the only states which were previously their own "country" (you could substitute REPUBLIC or KINGDOM here) before becoming a part of the United States of America. There is a deep-rooted legend in Texas that because of this fact, Texans "are able to fly their flag at the same height as the American Flag". As a Native Texan and Texas Patriot, I have been known to propagate this rumor myself! I did some research this morning on the subject, however, and would like to share with you a quote from Wikipedia about the Texas Flag Legend (aside from a word I have chosen to bleep out)...

"It's an urban legend. However, current Texas flag code specifies that if the Texas flag is flown on a pole alongside the US flag, both flags should be on poles of equal height (3100.055). Note that both US flag code and Texas flag code specify no penalties or enforcement provisions, and as such are merely guidelines. Given that, Texans are going to do what they **** well please when it comes to flying flags. -- Cyrius 08:32, 18 Mar 2005 (UTC)"

I agree with Cyrius here when it comes to the Texan spirit of pride in state and flag. Without penalties in violating flag laws, there's not a Texan I know who would fly their flag below the U.S. flag. In fact, I doubt there is any state in America that displays their state flag as much as Texas. Many homes and businesses do not even fly the American flag at all while they proudly display the Texas flag on their property. There are many in Texas who hold dear the "Spirit of Texas Independence" the same way we all celebrate "American Independence". At the root of all this snobbishness is just a deep-seated root of love for the state and the ideal of wild-west, cowboyish freedom that it embodies.

Although Texans seem a proud and loud-mouthed brood... there has never been a state full of people with bigger hearts towards guests than the "Friendship State". Of course, you'll find varying degrees of hospitality in different cities (and everyone is entitled to a few bad days). As a general rule, we would ask that you not judge us just on the basis of one place you visit, but a culmination of all of the state as a whole.

Each Texan is partial to his or her own stomping grounds, and (for the sake of preventing any hostility) you should always find a little something nice to say about it before you tell them what you disliked! Chances are, if you haven't gotten off of a major Texas highway, you really have no idea what the state is all about anyway. Probably the most ugly and embarrassing scenery in the whole state is the part you'll see traveling all the way down Interstate 45 and all the way across Interstate 10. What a sad shame that visitors can drive through the state and shake their head, wondering why we are such a loyal bunch. Even Highway 35 can be a little pathetic at moments, and it certainly keeps visitors to the Austin area completely in the dark about the area's rugged, beautiful hill country that is not visible unless you travel west from the interstate.

I thought I would share these interesting facts with you after our long drive into (and out of) our home state over the weekend. My husband actually asked someone out of state if they had to take a class on "Texas History" when they were in high-school. Ha! I hope you'll enjoy this little history lesson and we Texans hope you know that although we LOVE our state fiercely, we certainly aren't hostile towards any of the other great states in this united country we share! May God bless Texas, America, and the World! Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth!

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Italian Dad said...

Sprittibee, you wrote:
"There has never been a state full of people with bigger hearts towards guests than the "Friendship State"

I have been a "guest" in the Lone Star State since 1991 (I know better than to call myself a "Texan", not even "imported", not just yet..)
I can only confirm that fact. Maybe, (and I say maybe) sometimes rough 'round some edges, Texans do have a big heart and a smile always ready, and boy do they know how to cook barbecue!

Thanks for the interesting history lesson on Texas. You and your family have a blessed week and a wonderful Christmas!

Sprittibee said...

Texas is glad to have you - and we are blessed to know you. :) Have yourself (and the rest of the Gs) a Merry Christmas as well! THANK YOU for everything!

Jeff said...

I grew up loving six flags. But after my visit last week I left with only bitter dissapointment. The 45 dollar tickets coupled with the 15 dollar parking were bad enough. But the 7.99 coke; refillable for a dollar was too much. Arriving at 10AM as they suggested I was only to find that many rides did not start until noon. and ther shows were all in the afternoon. I was dissapointed and left feeling cheated in every (cents) of the word.

Sprittibee said...

Panhandle... I would definately agree with you about the money you spend on food there. We usually don't eat there if we have to. Our pizza meal at the park on Homeschool Day was 40$. I ONLY go to Six Flags on Homeschool Day. Tickets were half price or so. You should use coupons - they have coupons at McDonalds and do promotionals. The Titan, the Superman Drop and the Batman's Escape are worth the trip... especially on Homeschool Day when the lines are shorter.

Anonymous said...

Interesting info about the different flags that flew over Texas. Was the picture supposed to have the different flags that flew over Texas? If so, the Confederate flag was missing. I guess that would be a nod toward P.C. which I thought Texans were above. (We, too, were sojourners in TX and are now at home in Kentucky)

Sprittibee said...

Political Correctness? I agree - that is probably what that little blunder in flag display is about. I think they just subbed the current state flag for the Confederate States of America one. I think they should put the new state flag up front and center and have the rest of them (including the Confederate flag) flying behind. After all... the new one is much prettier than all the rest! ;) God bless Texas!

Ed Darrell said...

Why not c'mon over and join the carnival of all things Texas, the Fiesta de Tejas?

Here are details; please consider submitting:

Anonymous said...

I remember that,mommy! It was so fun, Eh? Morgan(Again)

P.S. My favorite ride there was the Titan!

Anonymous said...

I thought I had finally found a Great blog BUT i found the worst one, I am a Texan, I take it that you hate Texas well that is your choice But shut Up when it comes to bashing others and there States Online, It is not adult Like, I will No longer be passing your blog to friends, WHOM I have all over in different States.
so to end it Kiss My TEXAS A@@

Sprittibee said...

Anonymous... Er, did you READ this article? Or just skim it? I am a TEXAN and LOVE TEXAS. I have no idea what your issue is. Read the article again and let me know what made you think I hate Texas!?

I think not. No need to be rude.

Anonymous said...

That is actually one of two correct flags that could be displayed for the Confederate.

Anonymous said...

I love your article. I have lived in Texas 100% of my life. I agree that most people in Texas are kind people with huge hearts.



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