December 08, 2005

Thursday Links

I've been checking off my list... yeah, I know what you're thinking... Santa's List, but sorry - nothing that magical. I've been ONLY naughty all year, anyway (according to my creditors). I doubt my name made it to the North Pole. I'll settle with having it in the ecosystem.

I'm doing my checkbook and paying bills since payday is tomorrow. But, I wanted to give you all a few links since you'll be sorely missing my wonderful posts while I'm busy getting my priorities straight....


PARENTING LINK: Yelling easy to do, but hardly doing the job

SCIENCE LINK: ID Critic Beaten... so sad that people can't be Christ like. It is bad enough that we are already up against scoffers. Must we add fuel to the fire? (when I say we... I assume that these people who beat the professor are proponents of ID and proclaim to be Christian)

TEXAS LINK: Merry Christmas, Texas Style

PATHETIC LINK OF THE DAY: French ethics... you can't take someone's face (transplant), but you can kill your own baby (abortion). Go figure.


Have a super Thursday! Pray that some rich tycoon wills his entire fortune to us this Christmas - and if you do, let me know so that when we get the check, we can send you a fruitcake. Ha!

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