December 09, 2005

Winter Wonderland?

I went to bed sorely disappointed last night. No snow. Yeah, we saw a few icicles, but that was the extent of our "blanket of white" that the meteorologists promised. Wednesday night, we awoke to what sounded like crushed gravel hitting the windows and had to throw on two extra quilts. The seventies model heating system just couldn't keep up with demand, so it kept kicking on and off in five minute intervals. It rattled loudly. I seemed to be drowning in a sinus snott-bubble (Can you say that on a blog without appearing juvenile? ...Hey, I hang out with a 6 and 8 year old all day, so cut me some slack already.) and I couldn't go back to sleep. My poor allergies have been wrecking havoc on me since we left Texas.

I laid in bed wide awake while the sleet and ice came down outside, wondering if my husband would be able to get to work the next day. You see, he works for a company who's ice policy is "GET TO WORK OR YOU'RE FIRED". There are some high roads and bridges between where we live and his office, not to mention hills, so I lay awake praying that he would be able to safely make it in. After witnessing seven accidents (in about an hour) from my apartment balcony in Fort Worth during the 1994 January ice storm, I know that ice can be a boogar. Not that I've seen much of it in Texas. In fact, it's not frequent that you will hear the words ICE-STORM and TEXAS in the same sentence... that is if you live near the Gulf Coast. The "big FREEZE" every year usually consists of a night when it is just below 32 degrees outside and you bring in your tropical plants on the porch. Big deal, right?

So, I flipped on a flashlight in the night to scribble some blog notes down on the notebook beside the bed (I know, it's a sickness... have mercy on me, Lord!). The light wiggled and flickered on and off. I figured that's why they warn you to stock up on batteries before a snow storm. I wondered if we'd be stuck inside the house for days. I was secretly hoping for a few feet of white powdery snow to settle overnight and leave us in Christmas-time Bliss yesterday. My kids almost cried when we woke up and opened the blinds. The most fun they had was pulling a five inch icicle off their Daddy's truck. Kev called it a "catfish truck". That made them giggle.

I guess sledding is out of the question any time soon. Oh, well... I hear that January through March, we'll still have a chance of white.


Anonymous said...

Yes, winter in Arkansas... not a lot of the white stuff, but usually plenty of ICE. We got some of that, too, last week. Just enough to make the roads slick and keep the kids out of school for the day. We had a fun day at home making Christmas cards. :)


Sprittibee said...

Nice to see you in here, Bev! It's a small world - smaller now, anyway. Glad Regina hooked us back up!

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Beveraly!




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