February 23, 2006

Thursday Challenge: Pink


Today's Thursday Challenge (which I'm pretty late for) is Pink. This is my favorite Pink photo... although it is kind of old. I think this was 2001 or 2... not sure. But, she's still my sweetie-pie. Her daddy and I think she's pink all the way down to her brain cells... although we've never seen them. My Morgan is a girlie-girl.

Where have I been? I've been enjoying my "weekend" (Wed.-Thurs. this week) off of school and my house looks like a "daisy-cutter" exploded somewhere in here while we were at the mall looking for men's pants. Hubby ended up finding some nice pants at Sam's for much cheaper than the "arm and leg" the Gap was going to charge us.

We ate Indian Food at home tonight with a Rotisserie Chicken from Sam's. Pretty good chicken, I might add... although this is not my food blog, and you probably don't care (and didn't come looking in here for food advice). I tried to make tamarind chutney tonight and it is edible, but not exactly right. I did research on a hundred sites (slight exaggeration) tonight and found so many variations in recipes that it made my head spin. I'll post the final recipe in my own "chutney contest" once I get the perfect one (for all you Indian Food lovers out there... if there are any reading this). Either that, or I'll run out of tamarind paste trying. I'm not much for those store-bought kinds.

As for the rest of blogdom... I'm in a bit of a funk (moody, depressed, missing Texas, tired, and a bit overwhelmed with the tons of things we need to get done)... so I apologize for the lack of wonderful homeschool inspiration. Even us 4-year "vets" tend to have our puddle-moments. Say a prayer for me to get my "groove" back! God bless!

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MommyLydia said...

You have a food blog?

Made Indian at home?

Pray tell!

Sprittibee said...

myboaz's ruth - Yep. You can go there to my food blog and check it out (it has been linked in my sidebar all along): Gathering Manna - A Little Taste of Heaven Every Day (or rather whenever I have time to post)

As for Indian food... last night we used the heat-em-up kind that we bought at the Asian Grocer. But I do like to cook Indian Food. :) There are some recipes on the foodie blog... just search for "Indian" in the Technorati or Blogger search boxes (blogger is at top, T is at bottom right).

Bug - I wish I had the gas money to come see you (and that Kev's truck was fixed so I actually had a vehicle to myself). Right now we are "sharing". I'm taking him to work today so I can go show off my zit to the ladies in co-op. Ha! Poor me - I have Polaris the North Star on my nose today.

Patricia said...

Morgan is a doll and I love pink, too! Even us 20 year vets get in a funk, too! Hope you are on your way out of it - and that your "polaris" has disappeared, as well! Blessings ~ Patricia

Sprittibee said...

Thanks Patricia! :)



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