February 22, 2006

Weight and Wednesday Blabbering

Leftover Projects and Digital PicturesSorry for the "journal-type" entry today... I'm just not in the mood to do research or planning for a post. Today is the beginning of my "weekend" since Kevin is off Wednesday and Thursday instead of Saturday and Sunday like normal people... so I'm catching up on projects that we didn't finish this week. I am going to print off some photos from our field trips we have taken during our rock unit and we're going to scrapbook them (for our lapbook) and possibly finish painting the rocks (*sigh* I may never get to the solar system at this rate!). I can't to getting my pictures printed (that's the downside to having a digital camera... tons and tons of photos that you've never printed). At around nine dollars for 50 prints, it isn't a bad price... still beats my 35mm developing costs, and this way I get to pick the photos I print and delete the bad ones.

Shedding the Winter WeightAfter visiting a blogger friend of mine's site and discussing loosing some pounds... (and now that we've eaten up all of the sweets and have vowed not to buy any more), I'm ready to shed those extra pounds for the spring and summer. I went and got a ticker. It's pretty cute. We are joining a gym soon. Wish me luck as I have never been a gym person. My husband goes religiously when he has a membership... but I just find it so humiliating to exercise in front of other people. I much prefer a DVD (Pilates or Denise Austin)... but there's no room in this tiny apartment (and I don't think the downstairs neighbor would like me jumping up and down on the floor). I guess I'm going to have to go sweat in public. Yick!

Another thing I am trying to give up is cokes (and fast food in the process). It isn't like we eat out often, but when we do, it is usually something greasy like Mc Donalds or Popeye's. Nothing like a "heart plug" (buttery white biscuit) with honey oozing off the sides. I know... you are probably pointing your finger in ridicule since I'm the first one to get on the soap box about health foods (see here if you don't believe me). So, please go easy on me. I'm working on letting go of these vices. The first step was to start cooking all the time (which we have done). Now that we are menu planning and such, I think giving up the junkfoods will be a bit easier (especially since we aren't traveling much anymore). Another reason I'm giving cokes up is my joint pain (my shoulders and neck). Soft drinks are not good for your joints. My husband's knee troubles are always better when he lays off the sodas.

Catblogging and Cabin FeverIt is gross and rainy here (and cold). I thought I would share a snow photo with you... of course, it's not really of snow... it is of my cat, Minga... who was looking out at the "winter mix" (snow, sleet and ice). It represents the mood the children and I have had this past week being cooped up in the house without our vehicle and during the ice storm! I can't wait to get Kevin's truck fixed and for us to get outside more this Spring.


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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terrible speller said...

Let me know how the exercise goes. I was on it almost everyday last week. This week I seriously have been very slack. Monday I should start walking with my dad again.

Remember if you start now, you won't regret it come spring!

Admin said...

I'm going to print out that information on sodas to read whenever I want one. I'm trying to give them up and it's harder than I thought it would be.

Sprittibee said...

TS - exercise probably won't start for me until March after the tax refund gets here and I pay to join the gym with Kev... but I did think about you yesterday when I put the remote control down next to my pilates DVD that is collecting dust in this little apartment.

Christina - Yeah, the sodas are hard to give up (especially if you are addicted to the kind with aspartame - diets). They say that aspartame and other artificial sweeteners INCREASE your sweet tooth so that dieting is even harder. So... when it says "diet" it is really meaning "dangerous". There's an artificial sweetener that doesn't have any glycemic index called stevia. It is also much sweeter than sugar, though. It has a tiny bit of aftertaste (kind of like saccharine - pink stuff)... but it healthy for you. I've never figured out how to cook with it and retain the sugary taste, though... even though I know others do it. The splenda stuff is CHLORINATED sugar... so it is bad for your kidneys. Really, the best thing to do is return to unrefined sugar (indian food stores contain "jaggery" which is an unrefined earthy brown sugar, and oriental foods have "palm sugar" which is similar, but from the palm plant/tree... or you can use the hard, granulated and very expensive turbinato (sp?) sugar (Bob's Red Mill sells it) for cooking. I love that stuff, but it is hard to melt - need high heat.

Good luck on the sodas and dieting gals! I started off really great with a trip to Arby's and a glass of Coke last night with my Indian Food. :(



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