March 27, 2006

Homeschool Link Explosion

I typed this last night before bed and lost the post. It pays to copy the whole thing before you click "Publish" in Blogger. I was too tired at 11pm to re-write it all ... and angry. So here's last night's post:

You'll have to pardon me today. I was distracted by all the mundane chores I had to accomplish, making Swedish Meatballs for supper, and spending the day with the children making a lap book. Poor Morgan "helped" me stir the gravy in the kitchen and now has a burn mark to show for it. Kevin's truck is broken down again, so we had to drop off and pick up Daddy at his office, too. That wouldn't have been so bad if he worked normal hours. He got off work at 8pm. The kids have been watching endless amounts of Schoolhouse Rock and building with Lincoln Logs also. I have a mountain of laundry to fold on my bed between now and about 30 minutes from now.... so I'm going to run.

Best of all, I was very side-tracked today by prayer. One of my best friends in Texas just had a brand new little girl today. I was praying for Mom and Baby, and am so glad to know she arrived safe and sound. God is so awesome. I wish I could be there to see her in person. It "almost" makes me want another one, too! I flip flop back and forth on that.

I've had a bunch of things on my mind to blog. I'm not sure when I will be able to get to it all... and some of these links are kind-of old. So.... I thought I would just vomit them out here for you all to sort through. I apologize in advance for the lack of formatting and cohesion. Just scroll through and see if there's anything you are interested in. I hope you find something that you like.

Good night!




An encouraging homeschool article on


Interesting article at ... here's a snip:

For "Stupid in America," a special report ABC will air Friday, we gave identical tests to high school students in New Jersey and Belgium. The Belgians trounced the Americans. We didn't pick smart kids in Europe and dumb kids in the United States. The American students attend an above-average school in New Jersey, and New Jersey kids' test scores are above average for America. "It has to be something with the school," said a New Jersey student, "'cause I don't think we're stupider."

She was right: It's the schools. At age 10, students from 25 countries take the same test, and American kids place eighth, well above the international average. But by age 15, when students from 40 countries are tested, the Americans place 25th, well below the international average. In other words, the longer American kids stay in American schools, the worse they do. They do worse than kids from much poorer countries, like Korea and Poland.


Not long ago, there was an outcry for prayer and support of our brothers and sisters in the "Land Down Under" who homeschool. Although it is too late to send a letter to the Aussie parliament, I request prayers on their behalf that the decisions made will not take away their freedoms to homeschool their children in a manner they see fit. You can get updates on homeschooling around the world at HSLDA.


Knives in school? Read this disturbing article.
And we thought WE had problems!
**Canada backs Sikh dagger rights **
A Canadian Sikh boy wins the right to carry a ceremonial dagger at school, in a landmark Supreme Court ruling.


Look what snuck into Christian Literature! I've been warned about a set of books called: "Conversations With God" and "Conversations With God for Teens". They apparently have some un-biblical advice about homosexuality and living together before you get married. If you have a teen or know someone who has one, be sure to pass these books up on the shelf at your favorite book store!


I think PHAT Mommy deserves a big hand for a wonderful Carnival of Homeschooling last week! If you haven't read it yet, please stop over at the The 12th CoH. I can't wait to read the next one... it comes out today at Why Homeschool!


Crayola is offering three free sample products for registering with them. If you have not yet registered at their site, you'll have to register, come back to this original link, and click it again--and then it will give you the options for choosing your free products.


One of the creative minds behind the KONOS curriculum, Jessica Hulcy, gives a safety lesson that results in a saved life!


Test your knowledge of the South American countries and their capitals on this simple, but fun interactive map.


Here's a homeschool mom's dream link: Printables Online (more than you can shake a stick at!)


Here's a new search engine that has a cute little Zebra as its mascot. My kids love to see it hopping around, looking silly.


This blog got mentioned at The Parenting Weblog recently. Stop by and see an outside perspective on homeschooling that is refreshing to read.

Hope you've enjoyed my links! Have a super Tuesday!

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