March 26, 2006

Computer Game List for Kids

I thought about doing a K/1 post like I had previously planned... but instead of doing that, I thought better of it. You see, we have a ton of computer games since my husband is a computer nerd and I used to work for a computer company. We have sold some of these games since we used them. They hardly play any of the PC games we have left since we bought them an X-Box. The kids will tend to get STUCK on one or two of them now and then, and that's it. The rest of them seem to just collect dust. While I was formatting this list, however, I got an earful of information from them about which games were their favorites and requests for me to resurrect a few from our shelf for future gaming.

I try and limit gaming (even educational games) to an hour a day, and if the chores or school-work don't get done properly (without complaint or hesitation), my kids get grounded from games. I have found that at their ages (7 and 9), it tends to motivate them when they know they run the risk of loosing "Screen Time". We have also tried earning stars for game time, but have slacked off on that lately. The kids only got about an hour of game time in last week (yesterday morning).

Some games on this list are NOT what I would consider educational. A few of them are mainly my husband's games. I have a rule about no shooting or blood. No killing people. Some of the games have shooting at planes or robots, even dinosaurs... and I really don't much like all that either. The kids rarely play those. The games in RED are our favorites. The games in ORANGE are good, but we don't play them enough. The games in GREEN are ones the kids have not played in a long time, and requested that I get down because they were fun. Those in black/normal lettering are games that you'll have to check out on your own... or ones that the kids really don't remember or care much about anymore. Some of those we have already sold.

Fun and Semi Educational Computer Games

Lemmings Revolution
Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds 2 (Daddy’s Game – they Sometimes Play)
Lego Racers
Sim Town
Lego Creator Knights Kingdom * Great for our Kings and Queens Unit!
Lego Stunt Rally

Mrs. Pac Man
Star Wars - The Phantom Menace, Pod Racer
Myst - Masterpiece Edition
Lego Racers 2
Star Wars - Jar Jar's Journey - Adventure Book

Sim - Theme Park
Star Wars - Episode 1 Insider's Guide
Lego Island Extreme Stunts
Lego Soccer Mania
Trespasser - The Lost World
Sim Coaster
Aklaim Revolt (Remote Control Car Game)
LegoLand Theme Park Creator
Lego Loco (Create a Lego Train System)
Lego Friends
Lego Alpha Team
Lego Creator (Create Your Own Lego World)
Railroad Tycoon * Kids say it was too hard - even for Daddy! Ha!
Disney Atlantis - The Lost Empire - Trial by Fire
Sierra - Lionel Train Town
Disney - Monsters Inc - Pinball Panic
Jurassic Park - Dino Defender
Jurassic Park - Dinosaur Battles
Monopoly Junior

Veggie Tales - The Mystery of Veggie Island
Atari Arcade Hits (Asteroids, Centipede, Missle Command, Pong, Super Breakout, Tempest)
Disney Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Game
Lego Island 2: the Brickster's Revenge
Blue's Clues - Blue's Treasure Hunt Disk 1 and 2
Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron - Forever Free

Pac Man Adventures in Time
Candyland Game
Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 - Battle for Europe *Mainly a Daddy Game

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MommyLydia said...

My husband and I are BIG Computer Game people. But yes, we're going to have to moderate it with kids because I don't want our kids just playing on the computer.

Currently my absolute favorite is Sims 2. Railroad Tycoon I LOVED -- but it will no longer play on my computer. Too old of a game. Railroad Tycoon 2 is enough of a different game that I don't like it as much.

Similar to Railroad Tycoon, another Microprose game that I really enjoy is Civilization & Civ 2 (And have shocked my friends in the past because my favorite way of playing is to defeat everyone else, not a go to space victory.)

The other favorite game currently is Sacred. Diablo 2 lasted quite a while, and may yet come back. Star Wars: Knights of the Revolution (I and II) is also a recurring favorite. All of these have fighting people in them though so you wouldn't want them.

Finally, there is the perennial favorite, Nethack. IT's a freeware, text-based game. But has kept my attention longer than any of the above.

Sprittibee said...

Hey girl. Sounds like you are a gamer! I'll just stick to my Mrs. Pac Man - Quest for the Golden Maze. It's my favorite game. I enjoyed playing Lego Racers with the kids, too. The rest of the games are almost exclusively the kid's games... or my husband's. He's the computer game junkie in our family... with my two kiddos fast on his heels. I am a blog addict, so I can't complain.



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