March 24, 2006

K/1 Homeschool Year Field Trips

As promised, here's the list of field trips from our Kindergarten/First Grade homeschool year in 2003-4. You can view the previous year's field trips (PK/K) at the following link. For more on this series of homeschooling curriculum, field trips, computer programs, learning enrichment ideas and book lists.... please see this post. As I update my "Field Trip Foto Friday" Series, I'll try and stop back in here to add links to my detailed reviews of these field trips.

If I've done a review of the field trip, I'll link it below and mark it with asterisks (***) so you can go view the review.I have more photos from this year than the first year, since we finally got a digital camera late in 2003.

In the 2003-2004 School Year, my son was 6.5, and my daughter 4.5. I am pretty sure we haven't included every field trip we took in this list, but I have done my best to get most of them. I wrote all my year's events, lists, and accomplishments in a teacher's lesson planner in microscopic penciled-in print at the end of each day (or sometimes a few days later if things were piling up). Hopefully the records here are as complete as possible. We had a lot of fun, despite many challenges (moving, flooding, my husband's job changes/commuting, and financial strain). God was the master planner because even though I felt "out of control", He managed to pick us up and carry us through the year. I give Him all credit for my "material" on this site. If it weren't for Him, I wouldn't be homeschooling. As with most homeschoolers and parents of young children, I can't remember how many times we went to the park, the library or the zoo. Go as much as you like! It's good exercise; even if you tire of smelling the camels and watching the lions sleep.

2003-2004 Field Trips (Kindergarten & First Grade)

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Anonymous said...

Six Flags, what a Field Trip! I've been to the one in Houston.

About the recipe....SORRY! I guess I didn't do well on my copywork, nor did I use my spell check....OOPS!

Curious, do you know anything about Ambleside Online? Charlotte Mason? It's new to me, but I'm VERY interested and I'm trying to absorb all the information I can get.

God Bless,

Sprittibee said...

Hey Amber! Six Flags in Houston is called "ASTROWORLD". I much prefer the Dallas/Arlington one over Houston... but they are not entirely all that much different. Another great park is Sea World. Shamu, the killer whale is worth the whole trip! I would go back in a heartbeat. He is such a magnificent animal, and his tricks are unbelievable. Just prepare yourself to get wet if you go!

Thanks for the recipe. It sounds pretty hard to make.

I've heard of ambleside and read about Charlotte Mason. I pretty much like the classical approach. I think it goes well with KONOS. There are tons of links about Classical and Konos in the Konos e-loop database. I would suggest emailing the moderator if you don't know how to access it. Email and let me know what you find out. I'm so busy with Konos and life right now, that I've not been reading that much. :) Maybe this summer (August) when I have some MOMMY time!



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