March 24, 2006

Uranus and Nep-Toot

Boy, have we been going through the awful planet jokes in our family lately. I've been told my anus is full of deadly gases more than I can count. It sometimes makes me wonder if my children having a smaller vocabulary might bring a little more peace to my life. All that aside, we are enjoying our planet unit. We have a field trip (for our next unit) today to attend at a pet store. The owner is taking us on a tour and explaining all of the animals in the store. We are getting ready to go do that... but I wanted to stop in and let you all know that I'll be back in tonight to post my next part in the 2003-4 Kindergarten and First Grade Series. I think the next post was field trips! What fun! Be sure to visit later... or in the morning tomorrow to see it. I probably won't post again until tomorrow night after I get the field trips up tonight.

Have a super Friday! See you then!


Douglas said...

You know that you're supposed to put the emphasis on the Ur in Uranus, right?

buggymug said...

ROFLOL, Bee! :) Your kids sound a lot like mine. I'm assuming you've heard the joke about the Star Trek toilet paper?

Sprittibee said...

Douglas: :) Tell that to the kids!

Bug: No! I have not heard that joke. Please do fill me in so I can keep it from my children! ;)

buggymug said...


What do the Starship Enterprise and a roll of Charmin have in common?

They both circle your anus (Uranus) wiping out Klingons.

(only a trekkie would know... LOL)

Aren't you glad you stayed up for that? ;)

ninjapoodles said...

I hope it wasn't a pet store that sells puppies, or that if it was, a follow-up lesson about puppymills is in order.

Sorry, personal soapbox. I really stopped over from the VRP and wanted to say I love your blog. :-)

Sprittibee said...

Bug: Ha ha ha! That was cute. I guess it's time to get the Star Trek movies out for the kids and let them get a grip on what Klingons are first... then we'll have to divulge the joke to them. Kevin enjoyed it, though. We used to watch "Next Gen" all the time while we were dating and the year after we got married. I was a total Trekkie. I have a Star Trek ID card in my wallet identifying me as part of Star Fleet Command. HAHAHAHA!

THANKS Belinda! WORD ON! Love the VRP. I need to get one of those "word of the day" blog-ad-ons for my site. Confessions From the Rubber Room has one and I'm jealous. Cute kid in the photo. I assume she's yours. :) I have never heard of a puppy mill. No, the pet store didn't have dogs or cats. We won't buy dogs at a pet store (not just because we are cat people)... they are too expensive. I love to go in the mall to play with the doggies, though. My favorites are the foxy dogs like mini-poms, german spitz and keishonds. They are way too expensive for me and too much trouble, also... we prefer the lower key, totally self-dependant, stuck-up type animal: the cat. ;)



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