May 26, 2006

FastStone Image Viewer

A friend of ours has turned us on to a great new program for viewing, cropping, editing, resizing, morphing, re-coloring and otherwise just enjoying your photos: FastStone Image Viewer 2.5. I may be the last person on the block who has heard of it, but I have really had a good time using it since we got home from vacation. My digital camera is a 5 mega-pixel camera, but the flash on it is a blinding light that can give ANYONE red-eye. The red-eye repair feature on FastStone works great for everything except when the eye gives a white or amber colored glare (which is not as common). I was impressed at how professional the program seems for freeware. Yes, I did say FREE-ware. That is the best part. Maybe after I get my redesign up and running, I'll drop FastStone a tip!

Here's a pretty digital masterpiece that my son and I created tonight with FastStone... and as you can see, I added text. I was able to use whatever text my computer already supports, which is nice. You don't have to pick from a small list of pre-packaged fonts. Another really great feature is that it allows you to add all kinds of really great borders and cut in circle or oval shapes (not just squares). I am sure that all of these features are included in expensive programs like Photoshop... but I have not been able to swing that yet. This is my favorite freeware that I have tried so far. Hope you like it as much as I do!



bigwhitehat said...

Nothing compares to photoshop.

I'm addicted.

Sprittibee said...

I'm sure Photoshop is great... but for the rest of us (without the $ to buy it), we have to make do with the freebies first! ;) I do have it on my wish list, though... and I'm going to probably be glued to my computer in delight once I get it.

Anonymous said...

This is a great entry Heather!!! Thanks for all the site tips. I've been thinking of revisiting my blog design since it's almost 3 years old now so those leads were great. :P

Sprittibee said...

That's cool, Toni. :) I love your design, but I can't wait to see a new look. I am a design junkie. :)



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