May 28, 2006

Sneaks and Peeks

Me with the incriminating evidence
(and some kind of greasy sheen on my forehead and nose - yuck!
Is that your blog I'm reading???)

Mexican Wedding Cookies are from the devil. OK, OK, maybe that's harsh, but they seem to have the tantalizing power to overrule my ability to stay away from sweets. The evidence is there in plain view - sprinkles of sugar and cookie crumbs all over my fingers and clothing. I'll be glad when this box is gone; and I'll feel much safer knowing I can't buy any more of these until my next trip to Central Texas.

Just look at this sugary tormenter:

Beware the cinnamon seduction!

My kids call me the Cookie-Snatcher. Maybe that's because I have been caught once at my cousin's house sitting in a bathroom eating Oreos (so the kids wouldn't know I was having a cookie)... they are so bad for you, you know - and there weren't enough to share with all the kids there PLUS myself?! *sheepish grin* Alright, are you happy? I was being stingy.

We don't buy a lot of sweet stuff at my house, so when we have something here, it tends to go quickly. We fight for the last cookie as if it were the holy grail. I like to eat the cookie dough and Kev likes the baked cookies. It's often a battle to see if he can get a pan or two in the oven before I eat the dough up.

In a day or so, I'll be back to no-sweets here at Sprittibee's house (although I do consider those peaches we got at the grocery store to be pretty darn sweet). Then it's time for the dieting and exercise to commence. Wish me luck - better yet, PRAY FOR ME! A peach for a pile of cookies a day sounds like a fair trade. It's the routine and exercising that I usually have the problem with, however. My idea of exercise is.... blogging.

Sunday Stuff
I'm enjoying my Sunday. The sermon today at church was super. It was about worldviews, purposeful parenting, teaching your kids scripture, and remembering that we are in a battle. Good stuff. Just as good as those Wedding Cookies, to be sure!

Peep My BlogI thought I would remind you that Sprittibee's Blog is getting a face-lift and will be unveiled on June the 8th (one year to the day after I have begun posting here at Blogger). I still have a small fee left to pay my wondermous-web-designer-lady, and then we're ready to tackle a new school year with a new face here on the web! Maybe by the time the following year rolls around (if I'm still a blog addict) I can re-do my blog (again) myself?!

Anyway... Every few days, I'll post a tiny preview of the upcoming design (until June 8th!). Aren't you excited? Well, I am! Here's today's peek:


Come back and join me next week once school has begun! Now I'm off to gather up the lesson planner and get ready for a great day tomorrow - picking back up with our Seasons Unit that we left before vacation began on the 10th. Have a great week and see you tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

look how beautiful you are! what a lovely picture.

Sprittibee said...

Thanks Jen... you are too sweet. I happened to think the same thing when I saw your photo at Amy's site the other day. I'm jealous!



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