June 30, 2006

Day Before Vacation

Minga in our Suitcase - July 2005

It's always hectic before you leave town for a week vacation, and today is no exception for our family. It is such a wonderful feeling to be going home to Texas again. This will be a welcome break for Kevin, since he hasn't taken a week of vacation since... well, it would take me a while to remember back that far (he's had quite an awful career ride the past three or four years now). We're excited to see family and a few friends as well. Today has snuck up on me, and we're not really finished with all the 'school' for this Unit-Study that I had planned... but the great thing about KONOS is that I can do some of it on vacation and it will seem like fun and play, rather than work. I'm going to use the time to read some books and get some planning done, too; as well as type up last year's First and Second grade curriculum, field-trips, enrichment ideas, Konos favorites and such (to be posted on the blog at a later date).

Minga, our 1-year old long-haired cat (rescued from a Texas 'kill-shelter' on Mother's Day last year) is going to be an unwilling participant in our Texas journey. I'll probably post more on that this week after we set out. Tomorrow marks the beginning of her second big trip. We couldn't find anyone to feed her - seems like everyone else will be on the road next week, too. Hey, go figure! You wouldn't think it was a national holiday in the middle of the summer or anything, would you?

So I'll leave you with my list for today (as if you were interested). It's more for my benefit than yours.

Vacuum the apartment
Return vacuum to friend
Fax something
Save 50 pictures to SDM card for printing
Soup for lunch
Tacos, Spanish Rice & Beans for dinner
Update checkbook, check bank account, pack bills and paperwork
Update Netflix to send "The Secret Garden"
Watch Olympics video & return
Make a phone number emergency list for fridge and car
Kids to write pen pals & mail
Make copies and mail kid's letters
Finish ornaments, update Seasons posts in blog
Eat berries
Write CR letters (save to SDM card for printing) and birthday cards
Rolodex update (save to SDM card for printing)
Tidy house
Get cat carrier from storage on porch
Set out video camera, 35 mm & digital camera (plus all related cords & batteries)
Pack snacks, drinks for trip
Pack toys, games & movies for kids
To post office for stamps
Pack suitcases for me and kids (sunglasses, bathing suits, towels, bathroom stuff)
Pack paperwork, books, school stuff and magazines
Clean out fridge
Pack empty laundry sack and drycleaning (dollar cleaners here we come!)
Update calendar
Go through paperwork on desk and get stuff done before we leave
Kids to do Math, reading, typing, and finish "The Secret Garden"

*update 7/1 midnight... oh, well; I guess I'll get to the rest of that stuff after a few hours' sleep. Going to bed now! Don't forget to click and listen to the link below! It is too funny!
How's that for "reality" blogging? TMI (too much information)? Oh, well... it's good for me to write it all down so I can remember to get it done. Instead of remembering my list, though... I thought I would leave you with this bit of humor (a very funny Texas spoof at A Voice in the Wilderness).

You have a super Friday. See you from the other side of the border soon.

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