July 01, 2006

Blogs of Beauty Awards 2006

We're in Texas on vacation! Sorry about the silence yesterday, but we were on the road. We got in yesterday evening in time for dinner with family. It was a long drive, but Minga (our cat) managed to behave amazingly and has adapted well to being at Nana and Pawpaw's house. I'll try and get a few pictures up some time soon. In the mean time, please forgive my lack of blog attention and remember to hop over to A Gracious Home and view the Blogs of Beauty Awards nominations requirements. You can copy their email address and send your nominations in via email. I've posted the categories here. I nominated a few blogs today and can't wait to start voting after we get back to Arkansas from our vacation.


Best Artistic Content

Has the best use of artistic content (photos, graphics, etc.) in daily entries. (This award is for daily content, not overall blog design. Overall design is given in two other awards.)

Best Biblical Exhortation
Does the best job of bringing biblical truth and exhorting others to walk closely with the Lord Jesus. (Blog does not have to be exclusively a theological blog.)

Best Crafts and Projects
Has the best craft and project ideas.

Best Design - Contemporary
The most beautiful blog of a contemporary design.

Best Design - Traditional
The most beautiful blog of a non-contemporary design.

Best Discussion
Has the best discussions in the comments sections.

Best Encourager - General
Has the most encouraging blog content.

Best Encourager for Singles
Has the most encouraging content for being a godly single. (Blog does not have to be exclusively about singleness.)

Best Encourager for Wives
Has the most encouraging content for being a godly wife.(Blog does not have to be exclusively about marriage.)

Best Frugality
Has the best content regarding frugality. (Blog does not have to be exclusively about frugality.)

Best Group Blog
Has the best content of a blog written by a group of three or more regular bloggers.

Best Homemaking
Has the best content regarding homemaking. (Blog does not have to be exclusively about homemaking.)

Best Homeschooling
Has the best content regarding homeschooling. (Blog does not have to be exclusively about homeschooling.)

Best Humor
Has the best humor.

Best Meet for a Mocha
The blogger you have never met and would most like to meet in person for a mocha.

Best Motherhood
Has the best content about being a mommy. (Blog does not have to be exclusively about motherhood.)

Best Quiet Spirit
Demonstrates a beautiful, quiet spirit through her blog entries.

Best Recipes
Has the best recipes. (Blog does not have to be exclusively about cooking.)

Best Variety
Has the most enjoyable variety of content.

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Sheri said...

Hope you are having a wonderful vacation!! Enjoy the Texas Heat!

Sprittibee said...

Thanks Sheri! It has been pretty mild here, but the humidity in Houston is a force to be reckoned with. I've had a head cold since we left Arkansas... and am just today feeling a little more myself. I'm pretty sure I won't be swimming at the pool party, though - not with my ears this clogged up already.



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