September 12, 2006

Browsing the Good Way

I can't remember who sent me the link for GoodSearch this past week or so... but I want to thank them! I have switched over and feel a lot better about my "surfing habit". I've been invited to add a tip of the day for the next month at HSB Blogger's Company Porch ... and that got me thinking about adding some of the great tips I have been given (via email) here on my own blog as well. GoodSearch is one such GOOD tip... and I hope you will use it for all your browsing needs!

Yahoo-based GoodSearch allows you to browse as you normally would... but they have an added twist that makes them much more appealing to Christian and charitable internet users... they donate HALF of their revenue (made from advertising) to charitable causes of YOUR CHOICE. There are nearly a million charities to pick from and you are welcome to ADD your favorite to the list if you don't find it there.

I clicked on Compassion International as my sponsored charity while I search. So far this year, they have made $37.99 from GoodSearch - just for being listed as the charity of choice while people click their mouse on the net. Yeah, 40$ is not much... but to a kid in India, you would be amazed at what that will buy. Hey... the Elephant Sanctuary has made $1,560 so far... so maybe if enough of you wonderful readers out there will make the switch to GoodSearch, we can rally behind our favorite causes and increase the giving!

Give it a try!

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