September 13, 2006

Thank YOU

You people... are so PATIENT. Why do you put up with me? I have been promising you to post things in here for months... and am so far behind! I just wanted to thank those of you who are repeat visitors that stop in, comment, and genuinely are interested and care. Thanks to those of you who are surfing in and "Google" your way here as well. I'm humbled by the statistics and thankful for your emails and comments since I began this site over a year ago. I know I've thanked you before (a long time ago), but I felt that I needed to do it again.

I am reminded of a story that Beth Moore told as she stood at the signing of one of her first Bible Study books that LifeWay Christian published for her. She said that the only place they had room for her to stand was over a trash can and she was leaning over the can and signing people's Bible Study workbooks and books and every now and then, she would get a whiff of trash. She said it made her laugh because she knew that God was speaking to her Spirit and reminding her of where she came from... lest she get a big head.

I just wanted you to know that no matter how many people ever come to read this site, each of you are special to me and I am giving the credit for every word I write to God. I don't have to stand over the trash can to remember the smell of trash in my life. I see each of your visits as a testimony to what God can do to change a person from trash into treasure. If you haven't read my testimony... it is linked up on the sidebar. I can assure you... I am a new creature... and any wisdom I may have today is from my maker.

On the agenda for upcoming posts (not in any order):

1. Odd Comments
2. I'm hosting the Carnival of Homeschooling Nov. 14th (is that a Tuesday?)
3. Rosetta Stone
4. Dissecting a Cow's Eye
5. 2004-5 (First and Second Grade) Homeschool Series
6. Edible Volcano
7. Thursday Challenge
8. Begin Field Trip Photo Friday for 2004-5 HS Series
9. Bubble Wrap Contest
10. Lesson Plan (Academic Superstore) Contest
11. HOLY COW, I am so excited that Aug 23 is the first day of FALL!!!!!

Be sure to tune back in... and know that you are appreciated!!!!

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Letitia said...

Thanks for your comment on my tip of the day about singing carols around the Christmas tree. We love that, and I think ours probably started many years ago when we moved away from family and had to begin spending every other Christmas with "just us". I hope you all find many wonderful new traditions this year, and your Christmas time is blessed. I have enjoyed reading a few of your entries, and especially your testimony. Today has been one of those days where I have failed my daughter terribly. Thank you for the reminder that God does not look at our failures, but what He wants our futures to be.

Anonymous said...

Won't dissecting the cow eyeball be cool? Trevor said it would be gross but he would do it anyway. :) Hopefully, we'll see you guys tomorrow.


Sprittibee said...

You are welcome Letitia! We've been away from home for a year now, and last Christmas was very hard. The great thing about kids is that they are very forgiving! I'm excited to get over and check out your website. You'll be a hard act to follow at the HSB Company Porch!

Amanda Dear...

Your son is just too funny! Dancing around at Heather's church was nice. The kids had a great time. Good to see you as always. I can't wait to dissect that eye! Wish Steph would hurry up and get back here.



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