September 09, 2006

Taming the Computer Beast


Meet my computer... and the messy desk where all the blogish magic takes place. I'm sure you'll have questions about all that JUNK in the picture, so I'll go ahead and point out some areas of interest:

1. Yes, that is Mrs. PacMan on the screen. I'm her biggest fan.

2. Yes, that is the solar system on my mouse-pad. It is a 3-D mouse pad also... but really isn't all that great at serving its purpose. I like to look at it, however, so I have let it live there.

3. Jason's Deli Cup (iced sweet tea, most likely) and Jarritos bottle (used to be tamarind soda)... what can I say? I have a drinking problem.

4. Look closely behind my keyboard. Those are ROCKS. Not the drug kind. Quartz crystals, milky quartz veins, granite etc. A hand-ful of business cards and receipts waiting for entry into the checkbook are there in front of them.

5. Yes, that is a picture of my husband and I mugging out on the right there. I couldn't help it. He was a hottie (and only 21 in that photo).

My computer has been an awful beast lately... so I have decided to tame it once and for all (or at least bring it under submission for the next six months). I am not sure where all the little viruses and worms come from out there, but I have to clean my PC up at least once a year, if not twice. I have not done a complete overhaul since we moved here last October. It is past time for the 'clean sweep'.

I bought a tape backup recently because I was getting cold sweats every time it thundered outside (and I unplugged the whole thing each time I saw lightning outside). I have at least three, if not four or five years worth of digital photos stored on one of my two hard-drives in this computer. I have not gone to print them all yet, so it would be devastating if something were to happen to them. They say that the safest way to store digital pictures is a tape backup. It took over ten hours to back up my drive last night. It is slow going and very noisy. I feel much relief this morning, however... and that is worth being kept up all night with the "airplane" noises. Now I have two copies of my photos (tape back-up and extra storage drive).

The kids are swimming at the gym right now with Dad while I clean house... and when Kev gets home we are going to instigate 'death by lethal injection' on the beast (inject Windows CD and click the 'reformat C:' button). In the mean time, I'm going to type up my 2004-5 spreadsheet. Maybe you'll actually get to see the long-promised year 3 (1st/2nd Grade) sooner than you thought!? Don't hold your breath, though...

See you on the other side of my re-boot!

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Spunky said...

Great photo. It's fun to see where all the action takes place. It's amazing how much can happen in such a little space isn't it?

Crystal Starr said...

Yes great picture!! You should see our desk, YIKES!! =oD

We have all of our digital photos stored on our computer too. I'm going to tell dh to get us a tape for back up also. I would be sad forever if we lost the thousands of photos we have stored away!!

Emily got Morgan's letter yesterday or was it Thursday? Anyway se got and she freaked out about the Hello Kitty paper!! She LOVES Hello Kitty!! Right after she go the letter she sat right down and started writing her back. We will get it in the mail this week!! This is so fun, Emily loves this!! Thanks for getting this all set up!!


Sprittibee said...

Thanks Spunky. Nice to see you in here. I haven't been feeling all that bloggy lately. You are an inspiration.

Crystal - yes, we got the tape backup for a steal (email me off-the blog for more info). I'm glad the letter got to you. Sorry about the delay. Morgan will be excited to get something in return. Now that school has started, we are writing a lot more. If only I could make the time to get to the copy machine and mail them this year!!! ;)

MommyLydia said...

The problem tape backup is when your tape backup system ends if you can't find someone else that reads the backup tape :(



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