October 10, 2006

Back in Cyberland and Upcoming Posts

* Updating list as I go... (last update 10/19/06)

There are some thanks in order for Chickie (Sprittibee's lovely mama who took pity on her lack of internet-connectedness and decided to pay my DSL bill early!)... and I'm sure those guys in the shopping center watching me sit out there with my laptop are glad I'm not taking up space with my vehicle anymore. They got wind of my activities yesterday and put a block on their wireless broadcast so I was left wandering a neighborhood to check email last night. That's when you know you have serious issues... when you are willing to wander aimlessly (wasting gas) looking for a wireless broadcast to use the internet! I was so mad that I considered going to cable (all this originated over a billing dispute), but I decided that wasn't the smartest thing to do when we'll most likely be moving out of this apartment between now and January anyway. I don't need any more "contracts". Needless to say, MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS THE SAME AS IT WAS. You can get me at Sprittibee at SBCGLOBAL dot net still... and the MSN address will work, also.... and the Yahoo one works if you have that one (however that is my trash address). Your best bet at reaching me is the sbcglobal one.

I am so buried with online/school/life projects that it seems I'll never be able to dig out. I'm praying that God helps me prioritize them all and get back to treading water at least.

I thought I would review my list for upcoming posts in here to give you an idea what I have on the back-burners.

On the agenda for upcoming posts (not in any order):

1. Odd Comments (education humor)
2. Hosting the 'Carnival of Homeschooling' Nov. 14th
3. List of TOS Tips I've written with links
4. 2005-6 (Second and Third Grade) Homeschool Series
5. 'Field Trip Foto Friday' Series for 2004-5 (First and Second Grade)
6. Edible Volcano Project
7. 'Bloggy Tour of Testimonies'
8. How I Section my 'Brain' (dayplanner/lesson planner)
9. Book Review: 'The Mislabeled Child' - Brock & Fernette Eide (M.D.s)
10. 'Fun Time Foto Contest' (win cool gifts/gear for your kids)

Please check back tomorrow as we return you to our regularly scheduled blog program! Thanks for being patient!

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Spunky said...

I should have a list like that. I sympathize with your computer woes. Would she like to adopt me and buy me a new computer? I didn't think so. Mine is officially dead. Burial won't be pretty. I'm thinking of just throwing it into the the Detroit River. There's already so much junk in there no one will find ever find it.

Sprittibee said...

Spunky, my mama is so sweet... she would adopt anyone I told her to, but she's not rich. Too bad. I think I'll keep her, though. My old computer is dead, too. It is lying on my husband's computer junkage pile without a cd drive or dvd player... gaping holes where they once were. I was blessed that he was able to get my data off of it before it breathed it's last. Sorry to hear that your PC may be finding a home at the bottom of the Detroit River. Oh, well. It'll make a nice fish hatchery.



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