October 08, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Just wanted to let everyone know I'm ok. My DSL connection is temporarily down, so I'm sitting in a parkinglot eating a cheeseburger and sucking down some unsecured business wireless broadband! *insert wicked laugh here*

We had a great day today visiting family and enjoyed a fun evening with friends last night. We've been busy with field trips and school while Mommy hasn't had internet access. It has been nice to have a break, but I'm starting to go crazy... hence me sneaking around in a deserted parking lot to connect and blog!

Hopefully I'll check in this week while we transition to a new internet service provider. I'm planning quite a few trips to the library!

In the mean time, my email address has changed...

...you can reach me at sprittibee at msn dot com!

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Spunky said...

I feel your pain. I lost not only my internet but my computer. I just got it back today. Life is normal once again.

Especially Heather said...

Okay, you know you are a real blogger when..... :)

Looking forward to your return, and the return of your very own internet connection!


Sprittibee said...

Thanks Spunky! Sorry to hear that your computer crashed. Did you loose photos and stuff??? Hope you had them backed up.

Heather - Yes, I feel like a true blogger when I pine away like that... however, I got quite a bit of things done that had been neglected while I was unable to blog! I'm working on whittling away at my list and limiting my blog time... but am glad to be back! There's a fine line between constructive blogging and consuming blogging. ;) One keeps you sane, and the other keeps you from your priorities. I have a hard time getting the balance perfect. This little internet "break" has been an eye opener for me.


MommyLydia said...

Spirittibee. I don't know if this will help for you or not.

I was getting in to a real too-much-inappropriate time on the Internet problem. I think I've managed to (mostly) quash it. I don't allow myself on the Internet for pleasure until i get home at work at night.

I found if I was "checking email" before I went to work in the morning, it started the day off wrong. Too often it took too much time nad I was late to work. Then I was just "peeking" at my email multiple times a day, etc... and it was getting out of hand. I've now gone 11 days in my new system and it seems to be working

Anonymous said...

You've gotta love unsecure broadband! I can't even imagine my computer crashing on me now, I would be going insane!

Sprittibee said...

My Boaz's Ruth - I'm not sure inappropriate would be the word there. I always use the internet for connecting with people, encouraging people, sharing Christian themes with people... and those things are in and of themselves "noble" and "worthy" ways to use your time. However, when I am letting THOSE things (however noble or worthy they are) come BEFORE my first duties (bible study, prayer, wifery, motherhood, teaching my children, housekeeping)... then the day starts or ends wrong just as you said. There has to be a priority system in place, and most likely your "rules" for yourself is a great way to do this. I try and limit my blog time to ONCE a day and limit my email time to three times a day for the most part. Most of the time I don't make a fuss about WHEN that is (since right now my kids are doing chores and are not in need of school assigments yet), though. Maybe if I did my blogging at the same time each day it would go quicker and be easier to manage. I'll think about that. Thanks for the tip!

Andrew - Yes, it is just too bad that in my apartment complex, everyone seems to have thought of using filters and firewalls on their routers! Yes, the crashing part is awful. I've had my woes this month and last month with this computer. It was very tempting to go out and buy a new one... but I am really trying to avoid any new bills at the moment.



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