November 17, 2006

Field Trip Foto Friday: Wild-Connections Butterfly Farm


In the sunny Texas Hill Country, nature is calling. There are wild flowers, butterflies, dry creek beds (and wet ones), ocean fossils (the Hill Country used to be under water), swaying pecan trees, and lots of interesting bugs and spiders... an endless list of things that kids can study and awe over.


We visited Wild-Connections in November of 2004 with our homeschool co-op. It was worth the drive, and the children really enjoyed it. I got some great butterfly shots with my digital camera. They even passed out fruits to the children so that the butterflies would land on them. They saw an educational video, had a lesson about Monarch butterflies and how to NOT touch or hold a butterfly and why, and got to see many other neat creatures.

Here's what the website for the site says:

Wild-Connections is a working butterfly farm dedicated to educating our youth about our native plants and animals. It is our hope that children become so intrigued with their experiences at Wild-Connections that they choose to explore the world around them and, in time, develop a sense of awe and empathy toward all life. We invite you and your family to come explore the great outdoors!

began as the idea to educate children about the wonders of nature. We opened in March 2004 as a butterfly farm and nature center. We are open for tours of the butterfly house, picnicking, hiking, and strolling through the gardens."

The history of the farm there is also interesting. It was originally owned by two Confederate soldiers who are buried there in a small cemetery donated to the Daughters of the Confederacy. They claim that the 56 acres that makes up the farm today is just "a mere shadow of the ranch it once was".


So if you want to get out in the sunshine and go explore some Texas Hill Country, visit an enclosed butterfly farm, shop in a pretty little gift store, see some neat wildlife, and have a picnic with your homeschoolers... Wild-Connections is the place to go.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sprittibee
I have been enjoying your site for a few days now! So glad you had a great field trip! I won't be visiting that beautiful place soon though , as I live in Africa. I would like to add you,as a blog I visit,on my site! Would that be okay?
Thanks for a great read!

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures!!! I live in Ohio, but I'll have to remember that place if we are ever in Texas.

Sprittibee said...

Fiffi - Thanks so much for your sweet words. I would be honored to be on your blog/site. Where in Africa are you? How cool. A friend of mine just got back from Kenya on a mission trip to support an orphanage there and he is soooo pumped up about it. My husband wishes he could go, but with his work schedule and our financial situation, it doesn't look possible. I used to do World Bible School with people in Kenya, but we changed churches after a move and I lost touch with them. If you ever come to Texas, shoot me an email, Pardner! ;)

Lynn - Thank you for the comment! Ohio isn't THAT far away, is it? I have heard it is green and pretty there, but I have never been.



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