November 18, 2006

"Stuff + Cats = AWESOME"

I know, I know... I'm always the last to find out about everything... so you probably have seen this book and this website already. I have to tell you that when we stumbled upon the book at the book store the other night, we were laughing so hard we could have been kicked out. It was hard to keep from spewing tea out our noses.

I am a big cat fan... and "if you can't have fun at a cat's expense, you really can't have fun" is my motto. So, even if you don't like cats that much... you'll enjoy these photos from STUFFONMYCAT.COM! You can imagine how much these furry felines enjoy some of the poses. Cats really are fun.

The photos below are not mine and are copyrighted by STUFFONMYCAT.COM ~ they are the result of my 30 minute browsing session of the site after getting home from the book store. These cats were my favorites (but believe me, there's plenty more where this came from). The book is awesome. Guaranteed to please your cat-loving family member for Christmas! I think I'm going to get one for Kev and I for Christmas! For more photos, visit the STUFFONMYCAT.COM site!


















I can't wait to try all these wonderful ideas on my own kitty! ;) Shhhh! Don't tell her. Yesterday we piled the laundry up on her. We're doing "stuff training" to get her ready for the fun shots! Oh, the wicked inspiration!


Ever feel like that? Buried in laundry? ...Speaking of.... I better go!

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buggymug said...

Oh those are hilarious! Poor kitties! I can't wait to see what you come up with. :)

IKWYM about the laundry. Thus the reason I'm up at 11PM on a Saturday night doing laundry - so we'll have clean undies to wear for church tomorrow. LOL!

Anonymous said...

HAHA, those are too funny! That one wearing the bathrobe with the towel on it's head had me in tears - so did the one with the dinosaur costume! Ahh, the things our cats put up with :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff, really enjoyed it. Thanks for posting.



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