January 23, 2007

Attack of the Scary Carpet Cleaning Monster


It has been a while since I shared a Minga post. Today the carpet cleaner man came to give us a free cleaning since we've been in our apartment for longer than a year. The carpet in this place is reason 8,645,332,926 why I hate living here at this place [but who's counting, eh?!]. It was already five plus years old, and I think the previous bachelor tenant had a dog. To say that this cleaning NEEDED TO HAPPEN is a vast understatement. I feel so much better looking at the floors in here today - the whole place looks cleaner (not quite as dingy as normal, anyway)... and Mommy is a happy camper. Everyone benefits when Mommy is happy.

Minga, however, is still shedding profusely on top of a bookshelf. I don't think she appreciates the fact that our carpet isn't quite as polka-dotted with nasty stains now. While the carpet man was here, she bolted off of the bookshelf and we thought she got outside. We ran around calling for her (she's never been outside). Turns out she ended up under the bed instead. [Hey - at least we got in PE for today!] We were relieved to find her inside. We banished her to the bathroom until the man with the creepy, loud suction hose was clear of the building. I went in there to check on her and couldn't find her. I scanned the room looking for motion or a cat shape... nothing. Then, in the corner of my eye, I saw something shiny... it was her eye peeking out from behind the dirty clothes pile at the foot of my washing machine.

This is one "stuff-on-my-cat" pose that was entirely NOT staged. She actually went behind our toilet and shimmied her way up into this pile of clothes. She blends right in, don't you think? Cat camo! We are calling her 'scaredy cat' now. Poor thing. It may take a while for her to settle back into a normal routine. My husband can't resist a practical joke. He laughed so hard when he saw her in the corner under this pile of clothes that every time he sees her in the house now, he does his best 'high-powered-carpet-steamer' impression and watches her puff out like a troll doll (and streak like lightning for the nearest hiding spot). What a chicken I have for a cat! I feel sorry for her being in such a family as mine... we tend to enjoy a prank (especially those at her expense).

*disclaimer: no animals were harmed during the making of this post.

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry..I think that every cat hate those noisy machine, and probably think they are going to suck them inside..mine too..double up her volume straitening up hairs,get a owl eyes and disappear until I don't switch it off!Poor sweety..after 5 years every week..still can't bear it!!

Anonymous said...

LOL Poor Minga. That is a great pic though. We have kitty torture at our house too, don't feel so bad.
I got your package the other day. I really enjoyed the article. And I can't wait to use to recipe. YUM!

Sprittibee said...

Honestly, she's very deserving of all her torture sessions, you guys. She is not the nicest cat in the world. I miss my old cat, Pug a lot. She has certainly not filled the gap that he left in our family in April of 2005. I keep praying that we can get back into a house and out of this apartment since Kev has told me that I can get a "man cat" (boy kitten to raise) once we are not so confined. She's got a while to ship up... but if not, she'll eventually be fighting for our attention against a cute little fluffy boy kitty! Seems like the boy cats are always the sweeter ones... at least in my experience. Maybe it is just because boy cats prefer to be paired with female owners? I don't know. Minga has a real problem being close to people - she sleeps at our feet rather than up close to our faces where we can cuddle with her. Pug was a teddy bear and I slept with my arms through his legs across his belly through the night and he didn't mind at all. He really was like a stuffed animal. She is also not a lap cat. She RARELY gets up on our laps when we are watching a movie together or sitting at the table playing games/doing school/eating. Pug was constantly being shooed out of our way because he would follow us from room to room and get right up in our lap or on our papers or lay on top of us in bed. I am not used to having such an anti-social cat. She prefers the top of the bookshelf to our laps... and to me, a cat needs to be VERY FRIENDLY to be "useful". ;) Thus the need for another kitty cat is born. We aren't kicking her out, but we are going to help her learn some more personable ways someday soon...

How's that for a run-on paragraph?!

Anonymous said...

Poor Minga...she looks terrified! Hope she's back to her old self soon. My cat is still not over his medicated bath yet, and I have to do it again this week!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just read your comment...maybe that IS her old self. LOL... We've had the same experience with female cats. Our male cats have always been more friendly and less independent. In fact, if I don't get off the computer soon, my cat will start howling...he does these exaggerated yawns and bugs me until I go upstairs with him to bed. What a baby he is!

Sprittibee said...

Alexandra... I am so jealous! I want a boy kitty! :(


Love your name, by the way. :)



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