January 30, 2007

* - * Busy, Busy as a Bee... * - *

I'm sorry to make you wait so long in here, but I have been quite distracted on the homefront lately. I am really working hard to get a ton of things done right now. Here's a minimized glimpse of what I've got in the works:

1. Planning a trip to Texas next week that includes friends, family and doctor appointments

2. Getting caught up on a huge stack of grading and recording that has fallen by the wayside

3. Nearly half way done reading "The Mislabeled Child" so I can do my book report (sorry it is taking so long!)

4. Helping my husband with a report for his college class that he is taking.

5. Getting the oil changed in my vehicle soon...

6. Bills, checkbook, paperwork, and deskwork that has to be done before Saturday

7. Selling some used curriculum

8. Getting the 2005-6 stuff entered into a spreadsheet for later blog use

9. Packing for our trip and working out a budget

10. Paying off some debt with our tax refund

11. Preparing an art lesson for Wednesday (Morgan gets to use her new wooden art easel and nice paints finally... and we all get to share them!)

12. Trying to finish off our huge stack of library books so we can return them before we leave town

I set up a great new schedule and list/box system that the kids and I have been using now for two weeks and it is really helping them to stay on track. With so many things on my plate, blogging has had to take a back seat. I apologize and appreciate those of you who check in on me despite my blog neglect. As soon as I get these projects completed, I'll be back in here to start my 2005-6 Homeschool Series posts.

Hope you are having a wonderful week... and that by tomorrow, I'll be able to squeeze some blogging time back in to my schedule!

Love in Him,

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MommyLydia said...

*hangs head* I'm behind on my bills as well. Almost a month behind and frankly I need to get ahead because nothing will get done the first few weeks after the baby is born!

PandaMom said...

I am a Texas girl myself and wonder why you are in Arkansas? Schooling maybe? I LOVE visiting your blog! You make me want to be a homeschooler. We are trying to figure exactly what to do about our daughter's education and visiting you makes me think I could really do this thing! BTW: your new BEE signature is just ADORABLE!!! ; )

Sprittibee said...

MBR - Yes, you had better get cracking! ;) You have no idea!!!

Panda Mom - I'm a hostage in Arkansas. ;) We had to follow my husband's job here. It has been a nice 'vacation', and is very pretty here. The people are great and there are a great many number of Christians up here (more per capita). The homeschool climate is tollerable (as far as minimal govt./schoolboard intervention). Aside from mandatory state tests starting in 3rd Grade and up, there is very little other intrusion for homeschooling. However, the state income tax, produce tax, restaurant tax, etc... all make living up here very much more expensive. They pay over 10% on dining out! Sales tax is high, also. Houses up here are at least 60-100K more expensive as well. It was a real shocker, coming from TX to here. That is one reason (of many) that we are praying hard to get to move back home. God has a plan, though... and one day, we'll figure it out. :)

By the way, YOU CAN DO THIS!!! YOU GO, GIRL! Homeschooling is great. Not easy, not hard, but great. Certainly addictive. Just like crack. ;) *just kiddin'*

Thanks for the comments on my bee signature. I got it from a signature website where you can request signatures from digital artists. I think I posted a link to it once (around Christmas time). Check my 12 days of Christmas posts and see if you can find the link. I'm sure if you join their group, you can get one made for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting a comment about my Douglas Mawson sketch!! I've read your blog for KONOS inspiration many times. :) Have you blogged about your new list/box system that you mentioned?

Sprittibee said...

sweetlee - No, I haven't posted on the box yet... thanks for reminding me! ;) Your sketch was fabulous. You have a lot of talent. I'll try and get a post cranked out next week about the box and list system. ;)



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