January 28, 2007

Two Thumbs Up for 'Miss Potter'


I drove out of state yesterday to go see a sneak preview of the new movie (already showing in the UK) based upon Beatrix Potter's life, "Miss Potter". It was not something I normally would do... but I am so glad I did it! The movie was one of the best I have seen in a long time! The only reason I believe that they made it PG is for one cuss word which was during the scene where Miss Potter was purchasing farm land at an estate auction. I am not sure my kids even noticed/heard this... but I do know that we plan to purchase this movie as soon as it hits the DVD sales rack. It is a classy and meaningful movie about one of the most wonderful children's authors and illustrators of all time. I highly recommend it... and I am a very strict judge of movies. My kids both loved the movie, too. My daughter spent the afternoon today painting and drawing after being inspired by the whimsical artwork and minor animation in the film.
If you want to see it this weekend during the previews, hurry and get a ticket because they are fast disappearing. I saw the movie in Memphis, and it was only showing there one time, one night! I couldn't see it anywhere in Arkansas!

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Movie Trailer
Interview with Renee Zellweger

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Mycrazylife said...

Thanks for the review! I saw the previews and it looked very good. Can't wait to see it. Child safe movies are so hard to find.


Anne said...

Bummer! It's not playing here, and I can't exactly *drive* to another state to see it!

Heather said...

Thanks for letting us know ... I can't wait to see it!

Alexandra said...

This looks like a good one. Thanks for the heads up!

Sprittibee said...

You are very welcome for the review, Hallie.

Anne - yes, I guess it would be hard to just get in the car and go from where you are. Being the road-warriors that we are in my family, I am not sure I could be stuck on an island and do well! Even if it were paradise! ;)

Heather - I am anxiously awaiting it to come out for good at the theaters. I would like to go see it again. I always get more out of it the second time I see a movie.

Alexandra - You are welcome!



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