March 10, 2007


Remember this? Well, I'm working on getting you something like this (image below) for your blog's sidebar!

Heather and Laura of Sand, Sea and School (a Floridian Home Learning Blog) have agreed to help me host the belated 2006 Homeschool Blog Awards! Yes, folks, that means that you get to reminisce about all those great blogs you came to love and learn from last year; and give your favorite authors a much deserved pat on the back. It so happens that Heather and Laura are also web designers, so we are setting up a site that will be specifically for the Homeschool Blog Awards and will be taking nominations very soon!

In December of 2005, Spunky Homeschool ran the Homeschool Blog Awards over at her blog. Due to her leaving the blogosphere to tend to her family, she was unable to host the event for 2006 last December. Heather, Laura, and I aim to run the blog awards each December after these belated awards for 2006 take place.

As this is just the preliminary stage of the awards, we are asking all homeschool bloggers to get involved and suggest categories, names for the website, and any other tips you might have. We are really excited to get this project started and look forward to bringing you dates and times soon! I am guessing that if we have the website up and running in a few weeks; we may begin nominations in late March.

Be checking back here for more information!

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Shannon said...

Awesome! I'm so glad someone is picking up the ball on this. I'll start thinking about my nominations.

Disney for Boys said...

Great idea!!! So glad you all have decided to do this! I will have to put my thinking cap on :-) Looking forward to more updates and nominating some wonderful blogs!


Anonymous said...

awesome news, and that is one cool looking nominee pic :-)

Unknown said...

This is all pretty new to me, but it looks like a lot of fun! I would love to see a category for the most frugal homeschooler. A mother that has the knack of finding inexpensive or free ways to homeschool her children.


Sprittibee said...

Thanks Shannon. I hope that you will spread the word.

Tiany - Welcome. Nice to 'meet' you.

Ethan - Yes, I hope I can get another one just like it for the awards this year. ;)

Teaching my own - I do believe we have a category like that (or at least we did last time). Keep checking out the updates here and I'm sure I'll be listing the categories soon.

Andrea R said...

Hi there! Ron and I were the makers of the blue book graphics. :) We recently pulled them off our server too. (I wonder if I still have them on the hard drive.... I still own the book. ;) )
We are also the admins of , so when you have some firm info, let me know and I'll pass it on to our members.

Anonymous said...

Very cool, but you are actually requiring me to think, and I am not sure I am too thrilled about that! LOL (Sorry, vicodin still hard at work on the danged wisdom teeth)

ChristineMM said...

I am glad you are doing this. Thank you.

As for categories there are a bunch from 2005 which seem to be more personal in nature "best mom blog" etc. and then there is one for information.

How about a new category specifically for opinions?

A lot of HS blogs are only about personal homeschooling/family stories. Yet other bloggers stick their neck out with more general ideas and opinion pieces. That is still different than "information" type blogs.

Please consider it.


Sprittibee said...

Your category suggestion sounds great. Personal Opinions Blog sound good to you? I'll add that one in.

Be checking out tonight's post for the draft categories...



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