March 08, 2007

Is it Because She's Blonde?


Estrogen is no respecter of persons. I have found that out the hard way. My daughter's pen-pal letters are between dingy and extremely insane. I try to remember back to those days, and somehow the fog of adult thinking prevents me from memories that might link me to this type of behavior. I'm sure my mother might convict me of dingy-ness like this... but I would deny it. I am much more like my very SERIOUS son. I say this, of course, knowing that there are a few people out there who might disagree (like, ahem... my husband). Luckily, they don't read my blog!

My kids write letters each week to pen pals as part of their writing and communication-skills lessons. They write friends, cousins, grandparents, etc. Sometimes I make them do it neatly and help them with grammar, but other times I just let them go crazy and do their own thing. A few months ago, they wrote one of their grandpas (they have four). They call him Poppy Bee. On this particular letter, I let Morgan go wild... and the letter below is what ensued.

Remember, Morgan is 8... (she was 7 when she wrote this)... and she's in 3rd Grade this year. I have included all of her own grammar and capitalization errors for authenticity. It makes it a little harder to read (sorry). She's a crazy girl!!!! She's 100% estrogen bubble. She drew sweet little pictures all over this letter where she hadn't written something. She drew a person grinning whose smile curves up and up; cheeks that seem to never end until the face almost looks like a heart shape. It was unbelievably cute! She also drew Pooh Bear waving. She did the whole letter free-hand on green construction paper with a brown marker.

Oh, to be a kid again... where the world is wonderful and your biggest problem is that Mom won't buy you Captain Crunch because it will 'rot out your teeth'.


Hi Poppy Bee,

You are special missed and loved too! What is your favorite color? Do you wright with your left or right hand?? (I wright with my right hand.) What Is your favorite animal? What is your favorite Bug? My answer to a-lll those questions are 1: Blue. Number 2: right hand. 3: Cat. 4: Spider or moth. Well, STORY TIME! O-k here it goes...

O-k now where do I start..... Oh ya - Well me and my family just went to eat at popeyes and we just got back home, it's bean raining all day and we found a bright tan moth lying down (Almost dead if you want to know.) And we (That day.) found two kitties on the ground probably starving and I wanted to Keep them but momma said "no" bla-bla-bla. And sorry I got off track. Well mommy said "we could keep the moth until (or if) it got better. so we brought him inside. Well before that day KADEN (O-k and me) dumped out his LEGO BOX! And we found some legos to make a house for him O-k it was kind of cheesy I mean not as good as a two story apartment. And we had little tiny peaces of cloth. And a little tube like water thing for LEGO'S. And I loked minga up in the bathroom w/ her litter box and food bowl and kitty-water bowl thing. And while we where asleep she ATE THE MOTH?! What!? yepp . gone. fenito. I'm so sad. It's like I spent most of my life on that Moth.

Well... all you can do is forget him. Huh? Well let's get back on track. *sniffle* Now I do have a brat of a cat. And I mean, A BRAT OF A CAT! Well pray for us to be able to move back to Texas (If you aren't already.) And pray X2 for yourself! Hey, Papa Bee, Ive got a joke :) you might like it!: Why did Tigger (from Whinnie the ___ .) Stick his head in the toilet? (Answer on back) And: What is Santa's favorite Desert?

Love Love! Hug! Potato, squash! Eggs! Anything you want! X BOX! GAME BOY! GAME CUBE! SCRAMBLED EGGS! BOILED POTATOES! FRIED RICE! BYE!

Hope to see you soon! XOXOXOXOXO Morgan


(upside down)
Joke 1: Cause he was looking for Pooh!
Joke 2: Ho-hos and Ding-Dongs.

Pray for me. I have a blonde daughter.

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Anonymous said...

She is absolutely positively an adorable child, and you and K. ought to be as proud as punch.

Oh, I wish she could retain that "freshness" of spirit forever.
(IG is just like her....)

See you guys tonight!

RG for all the Gs (we are packing!)

Anonymous said...

Oh she's darling!! I love that she writes her entire thought process. It's so fresh and unhindered! Not blonde AT ALL!

Kim said...

That is absolutely cute! And quirky! And it is great you have preserved it. Now, if she has a daughter someday, and if she homeschools her daughter.... well, I think it will be time to pull out the letter (or copy thereof).

Blessings, Kim

Sprittibee said...

RG - We're counting the hours! I'm pretty partial to IG, too! I just sent you directions via email.

Sheri - :) Thanks for the encouragement. I know she's a smart cookie. I just love the sweet and innocent things she says and does. If only people could stay this way forever.

hind's feet - Yes, quirky is definately a good word! I wish I had a photocopy of the letter, but I didn't have a scanner before Christmas, so I just typed it out. Her pictures were really cute on it. Maybe her grandad will have saved it for her. I'll have to ask him.

bigwhitehat said...

I have 2 blonds and a blonde.

I used to be blond. Now I'm bald.

My oldest brunette is a testement to this all being a myth.

Dinginess is no respector of hair color.

Sprittibee said...

2 blondes and a blonde? ;) That big white hat is a little tight around the rim today! Ha ha ha. Yes, I agree that dingy-ness is no respecter of hair color. I am definately the more dingy out of my husband and I. He was WHITE-BLONDE as a kid, and is dirty blonde today. I have always been brown-haired (besides the 3 months of red after a you-so-lied-on-the-bottle experience with a 'wash-out' tube). I would say that Kev and I both are a bit on the 'dingy' side compared to most people. We like to be silly, cut up, and goof off. It is fun to never grow out of being a kid if you can help it (as long as you can fake it well enough to function as an adult sometimes).

Anonymous said...

That is adorable. :) It reminds me of something Mal would write. I've recently had to ban the words "ding-dong" and "ding-a-ling" in our house because the boys were continually using those words to describe their sister. She is a brunette, but we claim that she must have blonde roots in there somewhere! We should set our two girls up as pen pals. Can you imagine the hilarity of those letters?


Anonymous said...

Okay, so that made me smile and want to squish her cheeks! She is adorable!

Love Love! Hug! Potato, squash! Eggs! Anything you want! X BOX! GAME BOY! GAME CUBE! SCRAMBLED EGGS! BOILED POTATOES! FRIED RICE! BYE!

PS: It was absolutely lovely talking to you today! Thank you for the encouragement and I cant wait to start blogging with you!

Sprittibee said...

Hey Bev... ;) We call our kids dishwashers. They hate it! ;) Daddy LOVES to tease. Morgan would love to be Mal's pen-pal. Just write us a note!

Heather - Mee tooo! Enjoyed our chat. I can't wait to start this project up. I sent you an insanely long email... I'm sure it will take you some time to read through it all. :) Another great way to get good homeschool blog links is to check out some of these great buddies in my comments sections... there's a lot of homeschool mom talent out there. Of course, and dad talent, too - sorry Zane. ;)

Alexandra said...

So can tell she is really extraverted. She writes beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Not just darling, cute, and quirky, as was so well said of her by you all, but that letter proves BRILLIANCE!

Anonymous said...

OH wow, she's a WONDERFUL writer! Just don't let her near a cell phone with text messaging capabilities ... when that happens you'll be yearning for the days when you could actually understand what she was talking about!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sprittibee said...

Sara! I had to delete your last name references. ;) Careful out there in cyberland, girl! You are way more trusting than I am. ;)

Here's your note without the last names:
Sara said...
OH. MY. Thanks for the laugh. How cute! If we could bottle all that enthusiasm and sell it! ;)

The ADD must be genetic, b/c that is a perfect respresentation of my thought process at any given moment.

I don't think it's the hair, it's the *** blood. hahaha

Speaking of ***...I know it's way in advance, but are y'all coming to the fam reunion this summer?

Take care!

Sprittibee said...

;) Thanks Alexandra. :) Yes, it is nice. I do write my thoughts down as they come a lot of times. I find that most times I have to reorder my paragraphs and insert things in better places due to this. She has a little of her mama and a little of her energetic Daddy. He was a busy-body as a kid. I was a pretty tame kid in early childhood and enjoyed quiet play by myself (only child) and lots of reading. Morgan is more active than I was. She is also more social (fancy that as she is homeschooled and I was in daycare/public school AND college).

Jennifer - I told Morgan you called her brilliant. She was skeptical at first (thinking you might be "fox-sea-shus")... but when I said that you really meant it, it made her smile.

Thanks Anita! I told Morgan what you said. She really has blossomed lately with writing. She is always asking me to do writing lessons and to type reports on my computer. I hear you on the cell phone thing. I have a buddy who has one of those budding text-messagers! ;)

Howdy, lil' sis. How is that baby of yours? I can't wait to see the Easter photos. Yes, I do feel that some of the spunk runs in the family. All of us girls probably got it from Mawmaw and her fire red hair! ;) She has to have some Irish in there somewhere. I doubt we will be able to come to the family reunion... that is if we are in another state in June. You never know from one day to the next with Kev's work what will happen next. I'm still praying things work out... but it is possible that we'll be here another 18 months.

Anonymous said...

Hey, did you figure out big white hat's 2 blonds and a blonde? =)

Blond = masculine
Blonde = feminine

I love grammar!!

Anonymous said...

:) i thought about the last nm refs as soon as i clicked publish. sorry!

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! I LOL. I have 6 sons but my last child is a girl....she's only 3 and I wonder what estrogen does to a little person, having been testosterone-dominated for many years. But she's not blonde. LOL



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