March 07, 2007

Wednesday Thoughts


I made this card for my mom for Valentines Day. I really loved the message. It is a favorite verse of mine. I focused on my earthly treasures (family) today and cooked a hot Mexican casserole for lunch before Daddy left for work. We are still doing school right now. We're about to head to church and then eat a quick meal out. I hope you are having a great day! Hopefully I'll have time to blog tomorrow.

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Corey said...

I recall reading the Greg Laden blog from another blog and I don't think he actually stole any CD-ROMs.

Your quote from Sheila Matechuk can apply to anybody including you.

Sprittibee said...


the Greg that stole the CDs was Greg Peterson. Not Greg Laden. He was in the comments section of Greg Laden's post about the science fair. He also went to the science fair (or maybe he went to another one like it?). Read his comments and you'll know what I'm talking about. I took my time and read through the whole awful mess of them. I really should take my husband's advice and stay away from stuff like that... but since HE PUT HIS POST ON THE HOMESCHOOL CARNIVAL, how could I resist?

Looks like yet another anti-Christian, anti-homeschooler hate-spewer is looking to stir the pot (which was doing fine without him). Seems like he's the one who is insecure in his faith. I don't go searching for carnivals on the web to join up with who are opposed to my viewpoints just to start arguments and get people upset.

I'll save you the time and trouble of looking up the comment and just clip some of it herein:

comment by Greg Peterson at Greg Laden's blog...
Feb 19th, 2007 at 11:58 am

...We arrived early enough on Sunday that no one was there yet (all at church, I guess), and when I saw the stack of Dr. Dino BS DVDs (I’ve seen these, and it’s literally the worst of the worst creationist nonsense), I just took them all. Lynn, being sensible and good, asked if I thought it was ethical to do that. I responded that if they had left out poisoned apples I wouldn’t just leave them, and this is funcitonally the same thing. So I carried the DVDs with me while we looked at the exhibits (Greg’s review of them is accurate–some were poignantly cute, a couple seemed to apply the scientific method pretty well, and a couple would just break a science-lover’s heart with their loud-and-proud idiocy). When we’d seen everything, I was standing holding the stack of DVDs and contemplating just throwing them in the trash can, and then I hesitated. Would that be an act of censorship, something I find even more distasteful than stupidity? I thought it would be. Lynn commented that the fact that all her DVDs had been taken might in fact just inspire the little home-schooled creationist to whip up more, thinking her strategy was working. We discussed merely defacing the DVDs (they were PC-burned copies and weren’t sealed or anything), but that also amounted to censorship, which makes me very uncomfortable. Then Lynn said something inspiringly brilliant: “Too bad our side doesn’t have some stickers like the ones they tried to put on the Georgia text books, warning kids about the contents….except ours would be real.” And so the solution was suggested. We took the DVDs with us into the coffee shop inside Barnes and Noble and wrote on the back of the paper cover insert, “For good information on the fact of evolution, please visit

OK, it was a minor, easily ignored step. But it did satisfy our desire to avoid censorship on the one hand, and our inability to let utter nonsense go unchallenged on the other hand.

So these guys stole part of this kid's science project and altered it for their own purposes and then (I assume) put it back. Pretty sick, if you ask me. The poor kid that participated in this fair! Shows to go you what lengths "fundie" Darwinists will go to to indoctrinate innocent children. Now you know why we worry about you religious Darwinist types.

Anonymous said...

I asked the host of the carnival why she chose to include that vile post from Greg. She commented that she'd like homeschoolers to know what non-homeschoolers think...or something like that. I appreciate her attempt, but as I commented on her blog ("why invite the wolf into the sheep pen?"), I hardly need it pointed out to me. I don't have to look any further than my own certain family members and fellow church members for criticism of homeschooling.

Fellow homeschooler for human rights,


Corey said...

Thanks for reference. I knew that was mentioned but I didn't read the comment section the last time.

A couple years ago, I was looking for books on religion in my library. I found a book about the practices of Jehovah's Witnesses and somebody wrote on several pages that it is a false and evil religion.

You may not go searching for trouble, but you do feel resentment towards others' beliefs being "indoctorinated" on you.

Sprittibee said...

Jennifer - I saw your comments at Tami's blog. I agree that we have a hard enough time with our own families and friends sometimes (and don't need to read what anti-homeschoolers have to say about us). However, be strong and courageous... God was with you when you made this decision, and he'll be with you as you stand against the winds that try to blow you down. :) I often feel pretty alone in circles up here out of state, too. I am one of only two or three families that homeschool at my church. The others all have their kids in private or public schools. It isn't easy being the only one. However, I have met so many great homeschoolers in my area and meet more and more of them as we stay here. Hopefully, our successes will prove to be a driving force that opens more and more doors for the entire movement in the future. I saw an article the other day from some university in Florida (I think). They are revamping their enrollment procedure to make allowances for homeschoolers. There is a growing awareness and many positive changes are happening in higher education to make room for us. That is bound to get some critisizm from others who are jealous and un-educated about homeschooling. There will always be someone who doesn't like you or what you are doing. We should expect that since Jesus was crucified. When you are getting slammed for being a Christian, that usually means you are doing something RIGHT.

Sprittibee said...

Corey - I am a human, and yes... I do feel resentment that other people are mean and rude towards me when they don't know me from Adam. They have not met my kids and do not know what I teach them... however they try and stereotype me and make me out to be a monster (using all sorts of creative explitives). I do resent that. I can chalk that up to ignorance and know that it is what I should expect from narrow minds.

I do not bite back at these same people, though. I just do what I feel is best for my kids (namely, taking them out of public schools). So, while they are looking for fights, I am just looking to better my children so that they won't grow up to be bullies or intollerant of others.

We just spent four weeks studying Native Americans and went over the atrocities that white people did to them in a VERY UNBIASED way. I do not teach lies to my children. Not only that, but I was called a racist "slavery"-condoner in the comment section of that other guy's blog; just because I am a Christian, mind you. They can't have known that I drove to take my kids to Central High in Little Rock for Black History Month just weeks ago! They don't know that we watched a special about the slavery issue in Africa that was put on by CHRISTIANS trying to raise money to set slaves free. 40$ can set a slave free in Africa. YES, there are still slaves there. The people who are enslaving the slaves are NOT Christians (yet we are called the "slavetrader" religion. My husband and I both have Native American blood in our family (both of us have an Indian grandmother in our lineage). My children have a black neice. My best friends work for a ministry in Africa that cares for orphans and HIV children who have been abandoned. My church supports missionaries in Africa (and all around the world). We sponsor a child in India. We pray for all nations. MY KIDS get a COMPLETE picture of history and science (and current events/geography, etc.)... contrary to what most people who are attacking "fundie" homeschoolers believe.

Put yourself in my shoes. If you had children (which you don't, right?), wouldn't you want other people to mind their own business and not tell you how to raise them (or make statements as to how sorry for them they are because you are so crazy)? I think that would ruffle your feathers quite a bit. But then... give it a few years and have your own kids and see how you feel then. I can only hope and pray that you are a Christian by then and that you will be happy with your wife and kids. I pray that all Americans can be as fulfilled and happy as our family is together in Christ. I pray the Truth will set them free.



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