March 22, 2007

* Spreading the Word about the Belated 2006 Homeschool Blog Awards *

What's so cool about the Belated 2006 Homeschool Blog Awards? The blog awards were great in 2005, but this time they promise to be even better. The HSBAwards Team have made some adjustments to categories, added NEW categories we didn't have in 2005, are offering some awesome prizes for the winners, and we are setting up a new site to house the fun. While my wonderful web-savvy designer buddies are cooking up the blog design for the NEW Homeschool Blog Awards site, please feel free to SNAG this image and post about the awards on your own blogs. We would love to have as many homeschoolers as possible KNOW about the awards so they can participate and have a chance to win. Please consider spreading the word!

To make your post more interesting, Heather and Laura of Swank WebStyle have created three lovely buttons (one for promotion of the awards, one for nominees to display in their sidebars, and one for WINNERS!!!). I'm displaying the promotional graphic here in this post. If you would like to use it when you "spread the word", please right click the graphic and save it to your documents. Then, you can upload it into Blogger or use your graphics hosting site to post it on your own blogs. Please refrain from bandwidth hijacking (using just the URL for the photo in your HTML code). This is not ethical and will put strain on the Homeschool Blog Awards website (because we are using the Photobucket site where it is stored for website graphics). If you still don't understand what I'm talking about... it probably doesn't apply to you! If you need help saving and posting the graphic, feel free to look me up in my "CONTACT" link and I'll try and email you back as quickly as I can. For more information regarding this topic, you can check out the comments on my last HSBAwards post.

Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of my half-day off with the kiddos (who have both just finished taking their IOWA Skills Test for the school-year). Have a super Thursday!

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justjuls said...

This sounds like fun - I am trying to think of who I'd like to nominate!

I also wanted to ask you if you'd help me get the word out about a contest I'm having on my blog -
Here is the link -

Sprittibee said...

OK, Jewls. You really shouldn't have. Now I'll be up reading all my millions of quotes to pick the best one (impossible task). Sure, I won't mind tipping everyone off to your contest. Sounds fun... at least for a quote collector like me. I've been doing that since WAY before my blogging days.

Have fun nominating your favorite blogs!!!

Fifi said...

hi there
I have visited your blog a few times, and have always felt uplifted and enthused! So thank you!
I am definately going to spread the word about the belated 2006 HSblog Awards. This is a wonderful idea!

Mama Squirrel said...

OK, call this a dumb question (and I really have added buttons to my sidebar before): but is this graphic meant to go to the awards site, or is it just supposed to be a graphic? Still dealing with all the Blogger upgrades, dragging and dropping and all that.

Unknown said...

Hey Fee. Thanks for your support. I love your photos, by the way. I forgot where you were, though. I am so glad you came back in here to give me another link! ;)

mama squirrel: you have to save the graphic (right click, save in my documents) and then go into your blogger account and create a post, upload the photo from your own computer. You can click the photo and add a hyperlink to the hsbawards site after that. You create a hyperlink by using < and > in the code below where you see ( and ):


change the () to <> and you'll have a valid html code for your link.



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