April 26, 2007

Literasy 'Ain't Everything


My cousin sent this in with the caption: "doesn't speak well for small-town public education". I couldn't resist posting it. Too funny.

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Anonymous said...

LOL! Cracks me up every time I look at it!

Sprittibee said...

Boy, Sara. That was quick! You must be watching over my shoulder like big brother! ;) Thanks for this photo. It is awesome.

Anonymous said...

oh, and while i'm here...i haven't visited since you embedded the buzzing. my speakers weren't turned up very high so my first reaction was "ewwww, meredith!" haha poor child

Anonymous said...

haha yeah after i posted i noticed the time you posted the pic...i thought oops she's going to think i stalk her! :)

Sprittibee said...

Sorry to scare the baby! The buzzing noise is embedded in the Bee Carnival post. Once I post a few times, it will go away. It isn't on my front page. I don't like it when someone has music all the time (unless it is something that you can click on and play when you want to - not automatically). I don't like surprises on my speakers, either! I figured that little bee noise was mild enough that it wouldn't freak too many people out.

Glad you stopped by today to see the photo. Thanks again for it! I still chuckle when I look at it.

Dreama said...

Please don't tell me this was taken in Texas??!!

Anonymous said...

No possiblity it's a clever play on words? Maybe not with the 'professional' style signage! I actually kind of like it -- a Get the Clothes Out Sale!

bigwhitehat said...

I worked in a small town factory that had plenty of "cation" signs.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! LOL Though living in a small town that values the football team over the academics I can say I've seen some signs like that more than a few times.

Sprittibee said...

Dreama - Yes mam. Texas it is. Even the Lone Star State has its skeletons in the closet.

Gem - I thought of that. But then... I'm not sure such a teeny-tiny town storefront would have a silly sale like that.

BigWhiteHat - That is funny. There was also a sign on Highway 36 at one time that said (and I'm not kidding) "If you hit this, you'll hit the bridge". I cracked up every time I drove under it. I think they have since removed it. Maybe some city-slicker complained about the less-than-professional grammar.

Summer - Football. Don't get me started! ;)



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