May 29, 2007

Another Reason to Doubt the Geologic Column

I wonder if some modern scientists understand what a "limiting factor" is. Picture this... You go down to the bottom of the sea and bring up coins from a shipwreck. You are trying to date the shipwreck and discover when the sinking took place. You sort through the coins to see what dates are on them. Your YOUNGEST coin would tell you that the ship could NOT HAVE SUNK before that date. Right?


This fish is a limiting factor. It was alive just days ago... in May of 2007. Yes, folks... an "ancient fish" as the papers claim (that really isn't ancient at all). Because it was alive last week (and has been seen off the coast of Africa and now near Indonesia) it could be in ANY ROCK LAYER OF THE ENTIRE GEOLOGIC COLUMN. No longer can we date the rocks by the fossils... no sir (nor could we ever).

This means that the coelacanth is NOT extinct and the geologic column is a joke. Too bad it wasn't found on April 1st. I would have gotten an even bigger laugh. I would LOVE to speak to that guy holding the fish. I wonder if he is snickering at the journalists and westerners because he's caught one just like it before... and maybe has eaten it for dinner?

Nah! Couldn't have, right?! It is so rare and ancient (insert sarcasm here)!

According to the article:

Coelacanths are known from the fossil records dating back more than 360 million years, according to the Australian Museum Fish Web site.

Before 1938 they were believed to have become extinct approximately 80 million years ago, when they disappeared from the fossil record, it said.

Never dawns on the brainwashed media to doubt the 'museum fish website'. Go figure. You know what I think? I think most of the "fossil record" was created in the Flood... and the reason why you don't find whole coelacanths today in the "fossil record" is because other animals eat them and they decay and fall apart before they can be buried in sediment. Takes a lot longer to form fossils without catastrophic events. Fish decay pretty quickly. Mystery solved.

Click over to read the article about the most recent sighting of a live coelacanth and see which way you think the media slants.

Photo and original story credit to Reuters and Yahoo News.

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