May 30, 2007

To Texas or not to Texas... that is the question.


Well, the test is taken and passed... and now we are just sitting here holding our breath. Kev had another interview this morning on the phone with the same guy in Texas. This guy let Kevin know that he had a bunch of qualified candidates... some who were already managers that might loose their job if he chose to not hire them. He let him know that he would be sticking his neck out and taking a risk if he chose Kevin for the job. He told him that he would call back today or tomorrow and let him know what his final decision was.


So here we sit... on the edge of our seat... not knowing where we will be next. We are in the hands of God. Waiting is not always easy, but we have done it before. I keep thinking of what Gideon's face must have looked like when God told him that his "army was too big" and he needed to "thin it out" before he went up against the mighty Midionites (who were too numerous to count - like sand on the sea shore). He went in and won the day (though he hardly did anything at all because it was God who fought for him) with only 300 men. Sure, Kevin may be the underdog. He may be a risk: although I know he's a great employee and an honest and upright man who is a hard worker... this other guy doesn't know that yet. Yet my God is bigger than the "Midionite" army (and He can bring about the victory for Kevin just like He did for Gideon). I think that God's purpose in letting Kevin hear about these other applicants is to let him know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was HIM who pulled the strings to make this happen... not any man or Kevin's own skills that got him the job. On the other hand, if God shuts this door, at least he used this man to give the management test to Kevin. That alone can open countless doors in the future. There are many more jobs opening up all over Texas that require this test and now Kevin will have that on his resume. This really is a win-win situation... even though we would like for the job at hand to be a quick resolution to the 'going home' problem. It isn't always the FIRST answer that is the right one. That is why it pays to have someone upstairs calling the shots. I want to be where He wants us to be... and to know that it was Him who did it. Kev has prayed this same prayer... and now we are waiting for the answer.


My prayer is that:

1. If this job and move are God's will for us... that God would make the hiring manager for this job is favorably disposed towards Kevin and willing to take a risk to hire him.
2. That the job offer would include allows for relocation expenses for our family.
3. That if this particular job isn't God's will, that He would help us not be too disappointed, and that He would provide another - better - job quickly! We would love to be home this summer.


So that is what has been on my mind for the last few days... and on my heart. I've been a bit preoccupied with family matters. We hardly got any school done yesterday because Kev was taking the test he had to pass (which he did pass - amazingly - with little preparation and despite his doubts after taking it that he would). We have our yeast for making bread ready and are going to try and get a full school day done today. Hopefully we'll know something soon about the fate of our summer break (whether it will be coming sooner or later). I would love to throw the rest of school in a box and return to it in August. I'm sure our family would enjoy that, too. We haven't seen them since Christmas.


Thanks a lot for your well wishes, thoughts and prayers during this exciting time for us. I appreciate it a lot. May the Lord bless you for your kindness and return it tenfold.


Oh... and I cooked a "re-created" Chipotle meal at home last night that wasn't all bad! I made knock-off/copy-cat recipes for their:

1. marinated chicken
2. corn salsa
3. black beans
4. guacamole
5. cilantro-lime rice

We had burritos for a celebration dinner for Kevin passing the test. All of us were stuffed. I'll be posting the recipes eventually (at Gathering Manna). It was all good... but of course, not as good (or as cheap) as having a burrito at Chipotle itself! I have an appreciation for their hard work in putting it all together like never before. I was in the kitchen for four straight hours (not to mention the early prep for the meat the night before or the beans yesterday morning)! If I do get back to Texas soon... you'll be able to find me at Chipotle! Come on in and say 'Howdy' over a 'burrito bol'!


Hope you have a great day... and remember us in your prayers if you think of it. Stop back in tomorrow to see if I have any news.

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Anonymous said...

Just remember:
If we win, we praise Him,
If we lose, we praise Him.

(as y'all know, I am waiting too, for news from San Antonio .. )


Anonymous said...

Praying things are resolved quickly and you have peace in your decision.

MommyLydia said...

We have Chipotle up here in Washington (state) too. I even walked past it today. But it just isn't the same!

Amico Dio said...

I hope things work out for you guys!

I'll be praying with you!

Sprittibee said...

Thanks guys!!! :) We didn't hear anything today, so I am not sure what is up... but we are praying that there's going to be an answer soon.

Anonymous said...

I am praying!!! Have a great day.


Sprittibee said...

Thanks Jessie!

MBR - CHIPOTLE is the SAME anywhere, baby. I am an addict. I LOVE their food, man.



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