May 10, 2007

Thursday Challenge: Architecture


I couldn't pass this Thursday Challenge up.

Guess what my honey saw when he went to Baghdad? A bat hive. Or maybe you would call this one a bat 'hut'? Either way, I was amazed when he brought this photo home for me. Notice the distant mosque in the background and the powder fine dust on the palm branches nearby. Kevin took a video of his boot hitting the ground and it was almost surreal seeing the dust come up and hover like a dusty fog around his foot. The topsoil is as fine as talcum powder there.

Isn't it neat when the Lord puts little details in your life like this? Kev knew that I love bats, and he just so happened to pass up this bat hive on the other side of the planet when he had his camera in hand. Sometimes the littlest miracles are the sweetest ones of all. I knew Kevin was thinking of me when he took this picture. I know God was thinking of both of us to provide the opportunity. If we all keep our eyes open... maybe we will notice how very much He does think about the tiny details of our lives. What an amazing and loving God we serve!

Happy Thursday all. See you tomorrow with the next part of my Homeschool Series (my favorite part - the field trip list)!

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Amelia Antwiler said...

That's really sweet. We call moments like those God Kisses. How fantastic that you were thought of by your hubby and that God allowed him to see this "Structure" to be reminded of you.

How cool is our God?

I'll come back later, when Mini-e isn't crying at me to read about 2nd & 3rd Grades. Mini-Me is heading into 3rd. *sniff*

Amico Dio said...

That is so sweet! That warms my heart!!

Sprittibee said...

comfydenim and amy - :) I apologize for the incorrectness of my post. It is a bat hive, not a bee hive. Either way, the sentiment is the same. Kev laughed at me this morning when he read it, though. He said, that is a BAT hive, remember??? Oh, well.

My favorite animals are cats, foxes, bats and bees! Any of them would work! *LOL*

"My Little Wonders" said...

Very neat and sooo thoughtful of your hubby.....I was wondering if you knew anything about the "bat hut" Do you know why they have them and are they all over? It looks so wild I never would have thought it was for bats. Just wondered if you knew any more about them.
It was very nice of him to do that for you.

Sprittibee said...

Here is the only thing I have found that explains it (and it really doesn't explain it). This contractor must have found a similar structure and wondered about it, too:

‘Greetings From Iraq’

That’s how a recent email to BCI Science Officer Barbara French began. It seems Ron Ebert, who works for a U.S. contractor in Iraq, discovered bats that seem to be living in a most unusual structure and wondered what species they might be. He writes:

“I’ve been trying to locate information and photos of bats native to the Middle East, specifically Iraq ... and Baghdad.

“There is a medium-sized (I’m guessing) colony here at Victory Base outside Baghdad, and I’d like to try to identify these bats. ... I’m not positive, but I think the bats in question live primarily in a manmade roost that looks like a giant anthill, made of clay, with holes all through it (photo at right). It’s more than 40 feet [12 meters] high. At first, I thought it was a birdhouse of some kind, but others have told me it’s where the bats live.

“The ones I’ve seen appear to have bodies 2-4 inches [5-10 centimeters] long and a wingspan of about 6-8 inches [15-20 centimeters]. They look brownish or gray in color. The area where I am at is relatively sparse, but there are marshy areas and manmade lakes nearby. Insects are plentiful (especially mosquitoes).

“Anyways, I’ll keep looking online when I can, but in the meantime, if you know of any sites dedicated to Middle Eastern bats that would be helpful, please advise! Thank you!”

French responded that Iraq is home to about 20 species of bats, including species of Myotis, Miniopterus, Eptesicus and Pipistrellus, plus free-tailed, mouse-tailed, tomb and horseshoe bats. She described a few likely candidates and offered Web links to some online descriptions and pictures. And by the way, if you know what that “anthill” might be, please let us know.

Sprittibee said...

Here's another photo that is much closer up to a similar structure taken by another blogger over there.

Anonymous said...

Photo of bat house and you are melting? I am going to take a photo of something for my wife.



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