August 17, 2007

From Boxes to BOOKS


Remember all those boxes from downstairs in the dining area that were towered to the ceiling? Now the books that were in those boxes are upstairs on the floor. We brought them all upstairs after having a change of heart about the usage of our dining room. I decided that since we are housing my mom (at least a few days every week) and the "baby-to-be" is on it's way soon (which will make a total of 6 people)... I WANT A DINING TABLE (regardless of our breakfast table area). My breakfast area can only seat 5; and that is with elbows touching! There is no room for anyone who comes over to eat with us... and I would love to have company. So Kev brought the bookcases upstairs for me to organize in our game room... and my dining room is almost emptied of clutter.

Take a look...


Of course, that is "pre-decorating". The walls must be painted and there needs to be a rug in there until we can afford to put in laminate flooring (like Pergo). I want to put in wood or tile in the dining and entry area - or even across the whole bottom floor of the house... when we can afford it. That may take a few years since the baby is probably going to break the bank.

On a positive note; at least we have one room in the house that doesn't have a box in it. A photo of my living area is below (pre-decorated as well). Those white walls have to go!


Maybe I will have the game room finished today? Hopefully. I better get back to my book piles...

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Gwendolyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Bennet said...

Beautiful! Even pre-decorated, it looks homey and just spacious enough. White walls and all. You're going to have a beautiful home!

Gwendolyn said...

I was just there. I just finished all my unpacking and painting recently. I completely empathyze.
The problem with being subscribed to your blog, though, is that I can't leave comments! I'll try to check in occassionally to give my two cents. Have a great day.

Sorry about the delete. Blogger's being weird.

Amber said...

WOW! The Lord blessed you with a very nice place, I'm so happy for you.

God Bless,

bigwhitehat said...

Nice Duncan Fife.

Anonymous said...

Hey - it's getting there! Lookin' great! :)


AnnG said...

Congrats on getting some more boxes unloaded. you are progressing very well. Before long you'll have it all done and everything in its place.

Anonymous said...

Looking good, Heather! Doesn't it feel bigger? :)



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