August 18, 2007

Last Few Days for 60% Discount on GeeArt !

GeeGuides Logo I just wanted to give everyone a homeschooling head's-up about the GeeArt sale going on this summer only. GeeArt is an awesome art program that combines art history and technique training with Disneyesque animation. The characters are lovable and the lessons are unforgettable and fun!

We are so excited to be getting back to school either next week or the week after. The kids have already done a "repeat" lesson on GeeArt so they could show it to their friends (who are signing up!). The first thing Morgan said when I told the kids we might start school next week was, "YEAH! GEEART!!!" I think that says it all.

If you would like to give GeeArt a trail run for free, you can click the icon on my sidebar (orangeish and midway down on the right) that says, "Sprittibee Special". Or to make it easier, you can click the title of this post. You can get a discount through my blog all year, but it isn't near as good as the 60% off that they are offering only this summer. Hurry and check them out before the sale is over. You'll be glad that you did! Most importantly, so will your kids!!!

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Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Coolness! I thought the special deal was only in the month of June or something. Thanks for letting me know. I was interested in doing this, but thougth I had missed the deal.

Glad to see your house is coming together and boxes are emptying out! It's always nice to see progress.

Dianne :D

Anonymous said...

Sounds cool :)

Anonymous said...

I ordered it. My girls sat throught the whole first lesson and when I tried to skip to see what was next, they got upset with me!
Thanks for telling us about this!

Anonymous said...

We ordered it the day after our visit. The boys love it!

Thanks for sharing the links.



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