August 20, 2007

Sprittibee's List for the Last Week of 2007 Summer Break

In my crunch to get the last few items handled before school starts next Monday, I made myself a list of things I have to get done. I'm going to try and not blog between now and then because my list is long and I am really spread too thin. Hopefully next week I will be back to business as usual here on Sprittibee's blog and all the moving crunch will be behind us. Surely there will be a little organizing, tweaking, and decorating left to do eventually around here (and let's not mention the garage - shhhh!). However, for the most part... once school starts... life will regain some of its normal feel. I hope!

I'll "see" you next Monday. Watch me check off this list!

.... speaking of lists... check out the back-to-school links at the bottom of this post!

take books I'm selling to the post office to weigh for shipping
email buyers of books with final shipping cost
enter receipts into checkbook
call about pool key
finish organizing my bedroom
work on organizing unshelved items in school room
move school supplies upstairs
ladies' night out with church girls

progesterone shot
finish organizing kids' bedrooms
vacuum upstairs
cook dinner (I cheated and bought a heat up Pizza)
eat up the leftovers, clean out the fridge
put photo albums in downstairs closet on small bookshelf
move sheets and movies
order school books
post office to mail books & kev's phone back to Amazon
finish checkbook and pay bills
take keys to kevin at work
talk with doctor about insurance/get progesterone lab results
order progesterone medicine and needles
get doctor's fee schedule for pregnancy
measure closets before going to Lowes
go get prices on wire closet shelving
move coats to downstairs closet
Kids to do some Math review
Library for KONOS books (FLIGHT & AIRPLANES!!!)

go get pool key
email about giving away moving boxes
take moving boxes to lady at church at 7pm
go buy printer ink at office store
get TV dinners to eat before church
take mom to appointment in town
buy catfood (poor kitty!)
move coats back upstairs
go through coats and sweaters for garage sale items
go through clothes for garage sale items
arrange and put away husband's and my closet items
clean out the "dress up" toy box and get rid of trash
put dress up clothes for kids in plastic tub
set up wooden toy box in school room with school supplies in it

hang pictures
clean a path in the garage out so I can search for shelving materials
find nails and wood in garage
measure again and cut shelves with hand saw
1/2 of crazy laundry
put school supplies away in new shelves
Eat out at Chick-Fil-A again (they are going to think I'm moving in)
Eat out at Jason's Deli (sigh)
clean out storage bins for my closet
clean out night stand drawer
last boxes unpacked in schoolroom should see it!!!
hang maps
update quarter map with all the states we've been saving
eat up leftovers and clean out fridge
go to hardware store to price ceiling fans and water softners
buy and install ceiling fans with Pop
trash out Friday
unpack bathroom boxes and put storage bin in closet
Other 1/2 of crazy laundry
Pop to spend the night with us Sat.
Kids to start taking piano lessons
call and get husband's phone problems fixed
check the mail
even more laundry
Eat out with Pop (forget cooking Sat. night!)
school planning
Another progesterone shot Saturday

breakfast at Jim's w/ Pop
church PM
Out to eat for lunch
grocery shop
cook lasagna for small group
small group Bible study
paperwork and calendar update

Next Monday
box books and take to post office for shipping price
back to school celebration & goal-review breakfast
print lists and schedules, update school binder
Kids update assignment books/boxes and do Math review
buy school supplies
start school (light schedule for first week)

start on the garage
mom to bring mirror for dining room
buy molly bolts for hanging mirror
buy a bench for storage and seating in the school room (cleaned out a toy chest that worked just fine for this need: FREE)
hang mirror
touch up the walls with the repair paint kit after our move in
Blog a recipe on my gathering manna site
First co-op meeting back to school party
create and hang rules and charts for school year
cards to family and friends
Sign up for co-op classes
plan first field trips
buy rug for school room
go get mom's 2 blue chairs and 2 tall bookcases for school room
get a buffet table for dining room and a rug
put all the cookbooks in the buffet table (and home decor books)
figure out supplies needed for bedroom closets (wood, paint, nails, etc.)
go get supplies for shelves with mom

paint some of my walls
start regular posting and volunteer input over at the homeschool blog awards

host the homeschool carnival
host the homeschool blog awards for 2007 this fall
redesign and organize my blog
redesign and organize my food blog
paint and texture bathrooms
finish the garage

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MommyLydia said...

We'll be watching for you!

Jen said...

Just found your blog while searching for a reading list for my second grader. Awesome... and I added you to my "Blogs I Read" list!

Lydia Netzer said...

Hehehe... my favorite entry on this list is, "Crazy Laundry." It just lends a lovely visual to the day.

MommyLydia said...

Just checking in to make sure you're getting it all done.

Anonymous said...


I'm Taylor from Time4Learning, an online homeschool curriculuum. We were wondering if you might want to review our site or post a link to us as a homeschool resource on your site, which, by the way, we love!

We would be able to offer you a free month trial for you children in exhcnage for a link.

If interested please contact me directly.

Thank you,

C said...

Happy School Next Week! I'm having a blast toodling around and sending well wishes to everyone kicking off their new year!!

Brenda said...

Just change that word "cook" to "fix" dinner at home and then you won't have to feel the need to explain your pizza! :)

Amy said...

I just found your blog when googling Why I homeschool. I have enjoyed some of your encouraging posts. I hope you are checking off your list.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to add "nap" to your list you soon-to-be mommy of three!
I am amazed at how much you've done so far!

Sprittibee said...

Jen - Thanks for adding me to your list. :)

lostcheerio - Yeah, I did most of the crazy laundry yesterday. We had piles mutating out the door and down the hall... and now I have a pile of clean stuff on my bed to fold. :)

MBR - I'm workin' on it!

Taylor - I'll check out your site, but please email me with requests such as this next time.

Christine - thanks for the well wishes. love that photo!

Brenda - I don't feel bad about the pizza... but spending the MONEY on the pizza rather than cooking at home is not good. We are on a very tight budget since this is our first month in a new house. Getting all the utilities turned on was a boogar. One utility alone wanted 325$ total in deposits. I am hoping they wave 100$ of it with a long history from a previous utility. :(

anonymous - Yeah, I should be napping. I'm not as tired as I was in the second month. I am not sure how many weeks I am now so I really should get a ticker. :) I have not napped this week at all. Too busy. I have slept in until 9am nearly every day, though. But I have been going to bed at midnight. :) A girl has to have her "beauty" rest.

Rhonda said...

Can I just say that I'm incredibly impressed that you're getting all this accomplished. All I wanted to do the first trimester of my pregnancies was SLEEP! I was a big slug. :)

Love ya', girl!




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