August 16, 2007

Praying for Grace

My friend Paula called me the other day about my "niece" Grace. She was born only a few weeks after my son and they have known each other since baby days. Grace is a lovely girl (she's the sweetie in the pink cowgirl hat in the photo above). Her sister Kate is, too. Grace is 10 and Kate is 8... just the same ages as my two kiddos. I really love these two little girls and hope that you will join me in prayer.

Grace has been diagnosed with Bells Palsy just recently (and right before school starts for her). Grace goes to public school in a small town in Texas. She has had some face drooping symptoms and her mom sent out a positive report about some changes this morning via email:

Dear Prayer Sisters,

I think I'm starting to see some improvement in Gracie's eye muscles and she did not have to sleep with her left eye taped shut last night. She was able to keep her eyelid closed and I believe that both of these things are miracles from God. The doctor did not know what to say when I told him, he just said "good" and "I shouldn't see any real improvement for 2 weeks" but we both know God is not on man's timeline. Thank you for your prayers and faith.

Please stand with me in prayer for Grace's healing.

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Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

You got it, sweetie! :D

Terri said...

I had that about a year ago and b/c someone told me what it was right away I got a shot and got on antibiotics right away and it went away in a weeks time. I did end up going to a women's retreat with my face all strange but that didn't stop me from enjoying myself and growing in the Lord. I am praying that she will be healed quickly and can start school without any symptoms.

bigwhitehat said...

Fantastic picture.

Patricia said...

Praying here, too, Heather, and I've added it to the prayer list in my sidebar.

Anonymous said...

Just a lurker, Letting you know God is bigger than her diagnosis and I am praying!

Sprittibee said...

Thanks for the prayers, guys. I'm trusting that Gracie will be back to her normal self and totally healed soon.

Love you for praying!!!

Isaac Darhk said...

I am praying with you all.
love, J



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