October 17, 2007

Fall Five Kodak Printer Give-Away: Winner!

The 7 entries for our Fall Five Kodak Printer Give-Away that we had on the 14th of this month swelled to 19 in just one day! Seems like everyone else is just as bad of a procrastinator as I am. I had a good time with this project and I hope you did too. I think that everyone deserves a printer. Too bad there's only one! I wanted the judging to be unbiased, so there were five of us that voted. A few of my "judges" didn't respond fast enough, so I felt like 5 of us was enough to get a sample of unbiased opinion. Seems that the vote is in!

The WINNER is Jacque Dixon of "Seeking Rest in the Ancient Paths". Seems like all that hard work she put into her garden (teaching those future gardeners in her family as she goes) is paying off (in more than just veggies). She really was a favorite for our judges! Even the lady at Kodak mentioned it! Kudos to you, Jacque. Maybe you can send me a fresh can of some scrumptious veggie one of these days (because we live in a neighborhood and aren't about to dig up a garden in the back yard!). As far as manual labor goes, I'm quite certain that Jacque's family takes the prize for this project for sure!

Be sure and check out the contestants projects and let it inspire you to get busy having fun with your cameras, printers, and out in nature:


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Bonnie said...

Congratulations, Jacque!

Beverly said...

Good job, Jacque! Loved your entry! :)

Thanks again, Heather, for doing this. It was fun! :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed all the pictures!

Great job everyone!

Jacque Dixon said...

Ok!! I was truly not kidding about uploading those pics on dial up... I can finally leave you a comment!!!!
And, all I can say is THANKS!! and, WOOOOOOO HHOOOOOOOOO!!
Can't wait to get it!
Thank you to all of you who have congratulated me! What a blessing!

Renae said...

Heather, stop by Planting Seeds to see my ridiculously late post about the contest. And a couple of questions - you don't serve grilled cheese on paper plates? Does your table really look that beautiful? Might mine someday? No one throws bowls of soup at your house? I hope you're having an enjoyable fall. We're gearing up for our annual pilgrimmage to go see my grandma, and THE MOUSE.




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