October 24, 2007



HE MOLTED!!! I am just so excited. Can you tell? We were worried about our little hibernating fuzzy-wuzzy yesterday. He had been eating like a tiny little cow, and then all of the sudden, he started turning a bit gray and stopped moving. I was worried that the plants we were giving him weren't what he needed. I was wrong! Today we checked on him again and inside our plastic bowl there was a tiny little ball of 'fur' and 'cap' that used to cover his body and head. Look beside him in the above photo. He's the cutie-pie on the leaf there... and beside him is his leftover ball of fuzz. This afternoon he is still snuggled up on the same dead leaf... but he isn't red and black any more like yesterday's photo. He is REALLY black and REALLY fuzzy! He looks a lot bigger now. I guess the little guy wanted his winter coat on with the change in temperature this week.

We haven't ever raised a caterpillar before, so we are just tickled to see these amazing changes right before our eyes. I can't wait until he (or she?) becomes a Leopard Moth. They are the prettiest moth I have seen around here. I was so glad that we found this caterpillar. It was another of our "God Moments". Leopard Moth caterpillars are cute, too: big and fuzzy and black! Hope I can keep up with him in the spring when he starts eating again! My poor little desert willow is nearly bald from all the leaves we have picked off of it. It was only a tiny plant to begin with.

Stop in for more updates as our fuzzy man changes.

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Anonymous said...

I can't help but giggle at the fuzzy fatso on the leaf. Him's wealwy cute.

Anonymous said...


Note to self... :) Please bookmark this on sidebar...

I'm downstairs in the kitchen with the laptop and can't email! ;)

Check out that link, y'all! Great nature journal link.

Terri said...

This makes me want to find a caterpillar to raise. He is so cute!



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