October 11, 2007

Green Moth and a God Moment

"There really are only two ways to live: you can live as if there are no miracles or you can live as if everything is a miracle." ~ Albert Einstein

If you have been wondering where I've been lately... I've been getting over my ugly sinus infection that ended up in my lungs. I haven't had a day without some sort of medicine since last weekend. Even though I have been sick, I still have managed to get some school done around here and to take the kids on a great (albeit tiring) field trip today.

I was too tired to post last night, but I did sit down and type out the little essay below... about our green moth and the "God Moments" we had all day long. I figured I had better get in here and post it with the photos before you started thinking I was on vacation.


Here below are some thoughts from yesterday:

our green moth

God works in amazing ways… in all the tiny details.

For example… tonight I was flustered and not prepared for my K-1st Bible Class at church. I got there late, grabbed some construction paper and scissors and started “winging it” with the first craft that came to mind… a “Family Tree” (inspired by my very own free printer contest). I hadn’t read the material before class like all good Bible teachers should. I began helping the little kids cut their trees out to take home and glue family faces on and asked Morgan (my daughter and our class helper) to read the lesson to the kids. She read the story about how God chose David to lead his people and the underlying message was about how we are called to be part of “God’s Family”. I laughed out loud… God’s FamilyFamily Tree. Even though I wasn't prepared, God used me anyway (proof that talent isn't necessary). "God equips the called"... or rather, the willing.

Kaden peering into the jar

After church we headed home with some groceries and upon entering the house, we accidentally let in a few bugs. One of our assignments for KONOS today (that we didn’t have time to get to) was to catch a moth or butterfly and observe it, draw it for our nature books, and set it free. I had been eyeing a little green moth for the past few days that I had seen outside, and today before we left for church I even pulled up a few websites on it to identify it. It just so happened that the little green moth is who popped in to pay us a visit… and minutes later we had him in a jar and all of us were happily sketching him. The other moth was an added bonus. We drew them both, colored the drawings with colored pencils, and set them both free.

my sketch of our moth

I also signed on to a monarch website today and printed out a Monarch Sighting Sheet for us to join in with the Journey North’s tracking project. We hadn’t seen a monarch yet this year… just a few painted ladies. As we were driving down the end of our road, I saw one cross through the empty field next to our truck. I thought I might be imagining things, so I dismissed it. Then, on our way to church I nearly hit one on a windy road we took as a short-cut. It sailed right in front of our windshield in all its orange glory. Two Monarchs on our first day to track them! Coincidence? I think not.

another moth we saw a few days ago

These kinds of awesome “God Moments” are my bread and butter for homeschooling. When I’ve had a harried day and am next to empty on my enthusiasm tank, a tiny butterfly or moth and a smile from Heaven is usually all I need to recharge my batteries.

Nehemiah 8:10 ~ "...for the joy of the Lord is your strength."

butterfly from today's field trip

How about you? Have any “God Moments” lately? I love to hear about other people’s encounters with perfection that only God could have ordained.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you! I needed this! There are so many God moments in my life that sometimes I take them for granted!

Have a great weekend!

Sprittibee said...

You are welcome. :) You have a great weekend, too! I'll be catching up on school projects, grading, and paperwork!

Amy said...

We had a caterpillar that we watched turn into a white moth just like the one you pictured. I have been looking around for it but haven't seen another white one since. Maybe it flew to TX!

Anonymous said...

I've selected this post for the 20th Homesteading Carnival!

Stop by and, would you mind spreading the word on your blog?

Happy fall!!


Nancy Kelly said...

Lovely sketch! I know that wasn't the point of this post, but I really like it.

I'm with Einstein on this one. I have to see miracles all around me, or I would have gone under long ago.

Thanks for the reminder to seek Him everywhere.

Sursum Corda,



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