October 16, 2007

Japanese Project Links

My kids are doing a culture project on Japan right now (which is interestingly falling in the middle of our studies on insects - particularly the silk worm, Monarch and other butterflies and moth species). There God goes again, showing off! Our co-op is doing a "pot-luck" culture fair and the kids are giving reports, setting up tables, and eating international foods. I'm no Japanese food fan, but I guess I can wing it. Sushi is just. NOT. my. thing.
Cherry BlossomHere are a few great Japanese links I found today in our studies:
Japanese Samurai Mini Unit Study
Japanese Clipart
Denver School Study of Japanese Literature (includes poetry and book list)

And here are some insect links (some are of the silkworm - and Japanese legend on how Monarchsilk was discovered):
Silkworm Information
Wooly Bear Caterpillar Info
Stinging Caterpillars... with photos (Never touch an Asp!)
Insect Eyes (compound eyes)
Yucca Moth and Plant… amazing symbiotic relationship
Mexican Jumping Bean Moth
Legend of Si-Ling-Chi (Lady of the Silkworm)
Moths (and how to rear them)
Identify Small Moths
Luna MothAmazing Bug Identification Site!!! (for North American insects)
Monarch Waystation Program
US Fish and Wildlife Monarch Programs and Links
Monarch Journey – Migration in the fall
Video about Journey North from Mexico to Canada

Here are some art links:
SulpherflyEgg Tempera Painting (making egg tempera)
Defining Tempera Painting – quick art lessons
Art Timeline and Lesson Links
Egg Tempera Techniques

PiderAnd here are some other interesting links for this week:
This week only!!!
Bats and Spiders Unit Study (Free) at the Homeschool eStore
This week's 20th Homesteading Carnivalleaf
Last call for a Homeschool Swap at the Homeschool Blog Awards!
Take a Child Outside Project
Autumn Word Search PDF

I'll see you tomorrow with all the fun news on the contest. Until then... sweet dreams!

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Beverly said...

We loved doing the Japan unit in Konos last semester. My kids count it as one of their most favorite units so far. Perhaps it was because I had spent some time in Japan as a teen and could tell them a lot from firsthand experience. I probably enjoyed teaching it as much as they enjoyed learning. :)

BTW, there's more to Japanese food than just sushi! Try some sukiyaki, tempura, or even just miso soup! Lots of yummy things to choose from. :)

Bonnie said...

Oh fun! We were involved in a presentation like that once. It was fun! The former Air Force family who did a report on Japan was great! I remember they did a list of facts about Japan and at the end they exclaimed, "And sushi is NOT raw fish!"

Anonymous said...

This is a great list--sending it to my daughter who will LOVE going through the pages.

Wanted to tell you that the printer contest went over so well that my kids have decided to do another project in conjunction--the are planning to each take a daily photo of a tree that is still green right now, in the same spot and same time of day, until all the leaves fall of so they can see the daily progression. Is that cool or what?

It would be fun to occasionally just have group projects and --maybe over at the Homeschool blog awards site, and have every one post the results on their blogs. I am sure someone is already doing it but I haven't seen it --probably because I am only on the fringe of the homeschool moms online since I have so many non-homeschooling friends. Still, it might be a fun things to do--kind of like an online coop or a project carnival. :)

Sallie said...

We lived in Japan (Okinawa) for 3 years. I have photos of Geisha's, temples, Mt Fuji, etc.. if you need. Just email and I'll scan and send to ya..


Angela DeRossett said...

*Love* your blog by the way!!

Sprittibee said...

Bev... I haven't even looked at the Japan unit yet... LOL

I really should since I'm doing the Japanese Culture thing this weekend.

I will have to try those things you said... I like Miso soup. I just don't know how to make it. Thanks for the tips.

Love in Him,

Sprittibee said...

Bonnie - LOL - not raw fish! California rolls don't sound so bad.

Heather - Thanks! Hope your daughter likes the links. I especially thrilled over that clipart find. Those are some great ones. The cherry blossoms in my post came from there. I'm so glad your kids enjoyed the printer contest. I would love to do an online project with other hsers.

Sallie - the photos sound great! email me some!

Angela - :) Thanks!

We just got a great kimono made by a very talented seamstress friend! She has the most awesome purses and bags she makes, too. She just started a blog, but we'll see if she can get it designed and running before I link to her.



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