November 22, 2007

Gobble Gobble


Too bad turkeys taste so good... that one was sure a sad looking little guy! I captured that pitiful glance with my digital camera while visiting a local farm a few years back on field trip with the kids. Hopefully that turkey escaped the ax!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. We're out of town with family. I'm looking forward to some wonderful food today... the best meal of the year! Maybe I'll take some photos of the spread to share with you all tomorrow. We'll be home Saturday evening.

Pray for my kitty cat if you think of it - my mom has been checking on him and he's still really sick. Thankfully he ate last night and drank some. His poor kitty sinuses are stuffy and he had a fever.

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Have fun! I'm off to gather up supplies for the Sweet Potato Bliss. Gotta start cooking!

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Stacey said...

Happened through your link by way of stats that led to Compassion Int'l (we're sponsors as well!) and tadah! Enjoyed the posts I've read very much. I'm a home school mom this year (1st year!) as well AND lover of cats (we've adopted three--a little over the top, I know!)

Alright, before I scare you, I'd better sign off!

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Most blessed of Thanksgivings, Heather...
Simply, God is good, and it is exquisitely good to thank Him!

All's grace...

Sprittibee said...

Hello Stacey! You aren't scaring me. :) Thanks for de-lurking and saying hello. Hope you'll come back and join us.

Ann - Thanks so much for the happy Thanksgiving. God is indeed good. He's a warm kitten purring in my lap and trying to lick my arms while I type. I'm convinced that God speaks through a cat's purr. ;)



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