November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to Me


Want to talk about blessings? I got one early this Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if he's actually early for Thanksgiving (because we are certainly thankful), or REALLY early for Christmas... because Morgan had him on her list. Either way, this cat is sure a blessing. Our little kitten is the newest member of the bee family... and we decided to name him Quaker.

Quaker is a seal lynx point (colorpoint) tabby mix. Not sure what he's mixed with... Ragdoll or Maine Coon? More likely he's just a wonderfully lovable mutt (the best kind of lap cat). He likes to knead, lick, and PURR. His motor does not stop unless he's sleeping. Last night he slept with us. I think I'm in love. I haven't felt this way about a cat since my poor baby Pug died in 2005.


I'm a sicko when it comes to cats. Ever since I can remember my mother was yelling at me to "get that cat out of your face!" I just couldn't help it. Kittens and me were just going to happen. It was like they had a spell on me... and it didn't matter if my eyes swelled shut or not. Me being allergic to cats was one of God's smartest strategies. If I weren't I just might have inhaled quite a few entire cats by now.


I told Kev last night that I just might have to stay here and let him and the kids go have Thanksgiving out of town. Of course, I was kidding (sort of)... so I guess I'll need a babysitter for Quaker and his evil big sister Minga while we are away for Turkey Day. I'll be counting my blessings while he's missing his peoples. This year my blessings blissfully include a purring man-kitty. Oh, how wonderful it is!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, he is GORGEOUS! Where did you get him?

Sprittibee said...

I got him at a local shelter. Ain't he a looker?! ;) So now I have my kitty fix. Poor thing has a cold, though - those shelters are notorious for making well cats sick. He was only there for 9 days, but that was long enough for him to catch whatever was going around. God had this little kitty cat hand-crafted for me (I've always been fond of this coloring and his mannerisms are much like Pug's).

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

He really is every so adorable! I still want to know what Minga thinks about him. Although the reference to the evil big sister might've given me a clue. :D

Congratulations on your gorgeous new feline.

emily said...

He's so beautiful! Congratulations :-)

Mamaof3 said...

He's gorgeous!! We got a new puppy a few weeks if we needed yet ANOTHER animal..but we're animal lovers..what can I say?! I hope you enjoy him as much as I'm SURE he'll enjoy you!!!

carrie said...

she's a sweetie! or he?

Anonymous said...

As I sat reading your post, our kitty (just got her about a week ago!) jumped up on my should to play with my pony tail. Now she's purring away on my lap. Cats are the best! We have two and I wouldn't trade them for any dog!! (though I love dogs too!)

This kitten HAS to be sitting on a person....she craves human's so cute.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Oh he's a sweetie!! My cat has recently gone insane. When my daughter gets within a few feet of him he instantly latches on and bites her. The thing is she adores that cat. We think maybe he's sensing some hormones or something. I'll have to get a picture of how HUGE he is.

Anonymous said...

OH how cute! I bet the kids love him (and you too). ; )

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Sprittibee said...

Please pray for my kitty - he's not eating much and has a fever. :(

Sprittibee said...

Kitty is better now. :) Boy, he sure missed us. He's been playing and loving on us since we got home this evening. What an awesome cat!!! We've decided that his middle name is Romeo.



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