January 23, 2008

Sample Schedule

6:30 CHORES: Turn in Morning Chore Chart


PRAY: Prayer time

Prayer Journals

Recite Memory Verse

Read Bible - Deuteronomy 2

DEVOTIONAL: Jesus Freaks Vol II
8:30 MATH:
p. 27 A Beka Tests/Drill 5th/4th

A Beka p. 19 (G 4&5)
KONOS: Vocabulary Game/Review

KONOS: Can you read all Bible? Internet? Do you know everything?

KONOS: Discuss how God is Omniscient

KONOS: Read Luke 12:6-7

KONOS: Define Immutable
10:30 TYPING:

Computer Time Blog post for Kaden
Lunch @ Home

Field Trips or Errands
Sing "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" in Hymnal

Can you bend steel? Are you the strongest?

Can you burn wood/dissolve sugar? Learn 3 states matter

experiment solid to gas (water)

Write about how people/seasons change

Online Brain Pop video on matter?


Finish India map in journal

Write sponsored child in India... Atlas and Family Book - India

Read A Beka Science Reader

Experiment KONOS: Magnet Kit if time
Book Report on 5 Little Peppers

Konos Journal & Penmanship above

3 ART / CRAFTS: GeeArt Activity

4 READING: Library books

Family Read-Aloud The Five Little Peppers and How they Grew (finish)

Free Reading

Morgan - Reading Level Test for fun

4:30 PE:

MUSIC/PIANO: Piano Practice
Turn in Chore & Discipline Chart

There's just a glimpse of what a day could hold depending on whether we actually get up that early (this week we got up 7ish Monday, 6:30 Tuesday, and 8:30 today)... and whether we focus on God (to keep ourselves in the right attitude and receive His supernatural blessing and energy!). Keep in mind that we are free to rearrange it as we need to while the day is in progress. Piano and our walk may be after 5 if school drags on. We may finish something early and move all the rest of the day up... or we may skip something entirely if we don't get to it or decide we want to do something else instead. That is the beauty of homeschool schedules - they are YOURS, not someone else's that you MUST follow. Flexibility is a wonderful blessing.

So far this week has been a good one. Yesterday was thrown off some because we had to get a ride to art class (my husband took my vehicle because I forgot about art class). Today we have many other household 'distractions' that have to fit in my schedule somewhere... I am the financial guru in the family and it is bill-paying day (talk about taking the joy out of your weekday!).

The neat thing is that if we are focused on the goals, the day really takes care of itself... and the KONOS time is a nice break from traditional schooling that offers us time to dialog and laugh with each other. I guess you could say I "use KONOS as a supplement". I'm not one of those KONOS moms who can toss all traditional schooling to the wind (yet). Maybe someday. The walls of my mental box get smaller each day. Maybe eventually I'll be schooling outside of it.

Now... back to my school day! See you tomorrow!

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Judy said...

Thanks for the glimpse into your day. Looking at your schedule reminded me of a few things that I have to keep reminding myself. 1. Flexiblity!! One of the reasons I hope school. You are so right, it is our kids, our time. 2. It is NORMAL to homeschool past lunchtime. I have this awful insist that my day is blown if I don't get it ALL done before lunch. I think I am setting myself up for failure that way (especially since I have to occupy a 1 y.o. until she takes her nap at 10 a.m.) and 3. FUN!! LAUGHTER!! I think we are in desperate need of that around here. I spend so much time working on getting the 3 R's done that I forget about FUN!
Thanks for reminding me of these important things!

AnnG said...

This is why i love homeschool...flexibility is my friend! Right now my son is "cramming" for the sat's that are this weekend and then doing his math class lessons and chemistry. That's it!

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

Hi :) I just sent you an email about the swap but I thought I'd double up and let you know I sent it here to in case it doesn't make it. I sure hope so though :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a day. I feel like I should do more with mine now. I did get all my laundry done and PUT away yesterday. Plus we figured out a computer program, that was really giving us a hard time.

Love your blog!!




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