March 26, 2008

Kid Creativity: Nature Journal Cover Art

I gave the kids a simple assignment one day on our last week of school before Spring Break or so. I was busy and had to get something else around the house done, so I let them use their own creative mind to come up with HOW they would accomplish the task. I didn't give them any guidelines at all. "Create a nature journal cover on a sheet of paper." I told them. They were excited to work on the project and quiet for over an hour or two!

Here's what they made (and what is now on the front cover of their spiral bound nature journals):



Kids are so creative! I love their nature journals. We're going to write in them again today about yesterday's field trip with our co-op. We saw the coolest lizard that I want them to draw. I got a photo of him (and another 149 photos to go with it).

Get out your art tools and be creative today! Doesn't matter what age you are. It is good for the soul!

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Anonymous said...

Their journal covers are absolutely wonderful! Kaden and Morgan both have quite an eye for detail.

What treasures!

Montserrat said...

I think they turned out fabulous!

We just spent yesterday afternoon decorating the covers of our nature journals. I plan on posting them later on today.

PandaMom said...

Those are incredible and very creative! You must be a GREAT homeschool teacher!! ; ) As I type my little one is painting and listening to classical music. I am liking this hs far...wink, wink.

Sweet Woodruff said...

I noticed where you live and I know this is a silly question, but do you know anyone in that area in the computer industry. My husband is a SAS programmer and we're trying to get home to Texas.

Sorry if this is forward, but as you may understand, when you're living out of Texas, one can become quite desperate to get back.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog.

God bless all of you. (((hug)))

Sisterlisa said...

Your littles did a great job Heather! We did some creativity the other day too, but we can't share yet. ;O) It will be in April's issue of GGM!

Hmmm which gives me another idea. :O)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Heather for sharing your precious Children and their creative Art with us... i.e., the rest of the World..

Love you all....
Papa John

KarenW said...

Their covers are very impressive! Great job!!

carrie said...

those are some awesome nature covers! Love it.

Anonymous said...

hi! your kids' creativity is really something to be proud of...i hope one day my kids could do the same

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