March 24, 2008

Plan Bee'n It


That's Plan B-ing It. You know. Doing Plan B perpetually because Plan A never seems to work out. Does that sound like the story of your life? It does mine.

So I was only going to take 3 days off for Spring break last week, right? Then came 'Good Friday' - which I would have noticed, had I broke out the planner before it snuck up on us. So we did the Easter Egg Hunt and the Birthday Party... and only ONE day of school really happened last week: Thursday.

So we decided to make it a full WEEK off and take today off, too. You just can't go to school when it is 70 degrees outside in Texas - no matter what season it happens in. Because it is only 70 degrees in Texas three days out of the year, people. I don't care what type of school you go to - private, public, homeschool, charter school - whatever. Today was a playin' HOOKEY day! I think everyone should have called in sick today from work, too, ... in fact. It was GORGEOUS!

So we opted for some Spring Cleaning on our 5th day of Spring Break. That happened after I accidentally almost got killed opening my daughter's closet door early this morning. Not only could you not walk to the clothes that were hanging in the closet, but I discovered that she's been rolling up her clean clothes in a sleeping bag so she didn't have to hang them up. Tell me something, will you? What takes more time? Rolling up your clothes in a sleeping bag and hiding the sleeping bag under an insane amount of toys that shouldn't be on the floor? Or just HANGING THEM UP?!?!

Don't answer that question. She didn't. She figured it was better to just help clean the closet until Mommy's ears stopped steaming. Smart kid.

After cleaning out the closets, we took stuff to Good Will, dropped off some things with a friend of the family, got some groceries, ate at McDonald's, and worked REEEEAL hard on finishing our weaving for art class tomorrow. Poor Morgan began to think that weaving was a form of Chinese torture after the second hour. So we stopped for tonight. It stinks being a procrastinator. I guess the weavings (weavi?) will have to get done between now and next art class at the end of April. I'm sure we'll be moving on to some other fun artistic medium tomorrow since we've done weaving for the last two classes. What's one more unfinished project to add to the list?!


Speaking of ART... another thing we've been enjoying (on Spring Break) is GeeArt. My kids ask to do GeeArt on weekends and holidays... and I have to use it to BRIBE them to do their Math. Every GeeArt lesson we do is just more and more amazing. I honestly can't imagine homeschooling without it. If you haven't tried it - go take the free lesson with your kids at the link provided above in this paragraph or in my sidebar (I think they will still give you a discount if you sign up through my site!). GeeArt is the creator of Creativity Express software. We've been having so much fun with GeeArt that we haven't played much with CE. That will be our next project when our licenses expire for this school year. Honestly, if you want a fun and easy way to add art in to your homeschooling - GeeArt is the best thing since sliced bread.

I'll 'see' you again after art class tomorrow!

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Sheila said...

I'm STILL trying to get over your comments about the weather while we're still shovelling snow here at the END OF MARCH!!! Argh.

I find it really hard to do school when all the neighbor kids are home for holidays. Even if we have good intentions we don't get stuff done.

That GeeArt looks neat. Thanks for the link!

Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

Sprittibee said...

Yeah, Sheila, it has been great as far as the weather goes here in the past three days or so. Today's high is 75. Then tomorrow it goes up to low 80's and by Thursday it is supposed to be 89. Summer is nearly here! After it gets in to the 90's it won't go back down until Fall. I love to be outside when it is around 68 to 76 degrees. I hate to break a sweat. I look like an Irish redhead (as far as my pasty winter skin goes) and don't tan at ALL... so sitting out in the sun will only give me skin cancer. That's why I wish I could live in a bubble during the summer here! Texas is wonderful (even at 100 degrees)... but without A/C, I would move to Canada in a heartbeat! LOL

It hasn't snowed here all year! Up in AR, it snowed twice this month and melted away. My buddies there sent me pictures. I do like "fleeting" snow. It is fun to build a snowman every year. It will be a rare treat now that we are home!

Anonymous said...

LOL! She rolled her clothes up in the sleeping bag.. ok never heard that one before, but how funny.

I hope you all had a great week, which I am sure the kids did, with no school. :)


Anonymous said...

It is beautiful, isn't it? The boys got new scooters and have been outside almost constantly for the past couple of days.

We love GeeArt!

Enjoy the sun!


Anonymous said...

Boy, I want that GeeArt. Enjoy the weather! We're upper 60s today and 70s tomorrow. :-)



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