April 21, 2008

The Trip Dashboard: Sprittibee's Heartland-America Roadtrip


First off, I'd like to offer this cute photo for Project Look Through. Dianne and Dawn have inspired me to join in the fun (with what little time I have left before our trip). This was what I saw when I looked through a family member's windshield the other day. I had to take a picture of it. Maybe I can send in a few more "look through" shots while on our big trip? We'll see!


I thought I would make this post the Dashboard for our trip. Here is where I'm keeping our list of things to get done and a place to refer to with all our updates. Hopefully if you have been to Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio or Michigan, it will also be a place where you can leave some comments about places that MUST be seen along the way. I'm also accepting emails to this affect - if you don't want to post it for the world, that is.


Sponsor logo on shirts (Can't - shirts too dark)
Paint front of new shirt for coach (He doesn't want one)
Get Kaden's hair cut
Do bills and checkbook
Clean house
Do laundry
Unpack and Pack suitcases (that's what I get for going out of town last weekend)
Check the weather online for our trip
Take addresses to mail postcards & Thank You's
Last robotics practice
Work on introductions
Map for marking on trip
Oil change and Sea Foam for vehicle
Batteries charged
Remember Tom Tom
List for packing for the trip
Gas mileage log/register
Buy snacks and drinks for trip
Pack ice chest
Substitute to Teach my bible class Wed.
Buy supplies for state notebooks
Pack school books/prepare state notebooks
Brief lesson plan for trip
Dinner with Papa John
Sponsor Photo
Bank, Grocery store
Mail birthday cards
Update calendar/check calendar
See if I can set up old Dell Axiom for email on trip (more trouble than it is worth)
Back up photos on storage drive (in case Kev forgets to unplug in storm)
Pack games, movies, music for trip
Get ideas on important stops to make (preferably free must-see places along the way)


I'll be having a few blog buddies step in to update you on our trip. Here are the ones who have agreed to post so far...

SisLisa of Apples of Gold
Dawn of My Home Sweet Home
Dianne of Bunny Trails

I'll be updating this post as we check off our list. If you have something to say, please drop a note in the comments box! If you are the praying type - pray for some sanity, peace, wisdom, and mad efficiency to be sent my way! Hopefully I'll be back in tomorrow! We are leaving Thursday.

Have a great week!

*updated 4/21/08 11:29PM
*updated 4/23/08 1:29AM
*updated 4/24/08 6:19PM from Arkansas

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Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Love the PLT shot! What a fun picture. Glad you joined in. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey, there. Hope y'all have a safe and fun-filled trip!

My boys are still struggling with some bug. We've got Chris on antibiotics now and Alex is going in tomorrow to see the doc about some pretty nasty lookin' tonsils.

I'm sure we'll be well by the time you get back! :)


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!! Hope your trip is a enjoyable and safe one!



Anonymous said...

haha... you are so cute! I love the guest authors idea!
I canNOT wait to meet you!
How fun!
Can we have a Guest Author meeting then too sometime soon???
Hopefully this summer!
Have a super-duper trip my dear!

SuperAngel said...

Ah man.. I am so excited you are coming up! I cannot wait to meet you!
It is going to be so awesome!

Have a SUPER trip globe trotting! ;)
Miss Amanda

Anonymous said...

Great PLT shot! Just let me know when I need to post. The only days I'm totally not available are Thurs., Fri, Sat. next week, but you might be home by then. I'll have to check your schedule! :-)

BTW, this is the most difficult to read word verification I've never seen! (okay, I realized my typo, but then "never" seemed to make more sense) :-)



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