April 19, 2008

Weekend Nature Photos, Part 2


And the second installment of our weekend nature shots is in... anyone care to guess what type of ducks those are? Bonus points if you can share a link to more info! Lovely red eyes. One of the kids said they looked "possessed". I saw quite a few other marsh animals tonight, too. These ducks were the only animals that weren't skittish. We had an all-day family get-together and drove a long distance to get there... and I'm pooped. Tomorrow we'll be on our way home. See you in here after we get back.

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Unknown said...

They actually aren't even ducks! They are American Coot water birds :)


Anonymous said...

I've never seen ducks like that. Now, being the KONOS Mom I am, I'm going to HAVE to look those up.



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