June 05, 2008

Thursday Challenge: Fun


Hard to put a finger on fun. It is very subjective. In this picture, there are quite a few people having fun. The kids are having fun in the dirt. The adults are having fun on the patio that is just around the corner - cooking out shish-ka-bobs and playing Sequence... and I am having fun doing something I love to do... TAKING PICTURES.

Hope you are having fun with your summer break... and if you are like me - doing "summer school" until August... won't you schedule in some fun? Everyone needs it - especially kids (and photographers...).

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Kelli said...

FUN?!?!? What's that??? I thought homeschoolers were too busy training to dominate the national spelling bees, geography bees, and science fairs to have fun!!! Aren't homeschoolers too sheltered to have any fun??? Oh wait, that is how we're made to look in the media (*cough **PARADE** cough*) Hope you and your little ones are having tons of fun this summer!!!

Unknown said...

We may have to schedule in the fun, but we're gonna have some!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Sounds good. Although with a coughing, sinus infectioned son, life's pretty low-key and indoors here right now.

Love the picture! Especially the through-the-gate angle. :D



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