July 30, 2008

Wordful Wednesday: 1st Harvest


My late garden has begun to show signs of success. Even in this hundred degree heat, it seems that the plants are managing to pop with veggie goodness. We have pulled about four cucumbers before this little bowl of goodies came inside tonight. We ate the carrot and the black eyed pea bean right away, but the cucumbers are safe for now.

I enjoyed my visit to the HOTM Online Homeschool Conference this morning. Amy B. is a great speaker. I had to go to co-op after that, so we didn't get to stay to hear anyone else. I'm hoping I can log on later and listen to the audio files to catch up on what I missed.

Co-op was fun. We learned about assembly lines. We watched a video about a bicycle company's assembly line, and then we created our own! My friend and I chopped up a bunch of individual salad ingredients (lettuce, red bell pepper, apples, mandarin oranges, boiled egg, cheese, deli turkey, jalapeƱos, olives, cucumbers, grapes, tomatoes, etc) and we let the kids dress up in men's dress shirts (with rolled up sleeves) to simulate them being factory employees. They all had to wash hands, man a station, and take factory orders for salad plates that we passed in front of them. It got really interesting when we had more than one plate going! What a great way to make a kid eat their vegetables! Everyone had so much fun.

After we ate, our co-op kids (6 of them) found an item in the house and told us how THEY THOUGHT it was assembled and mass produced. From the six year old to the eleven year olds, it was so fun to listen to them come up with creative ways that they thought each product was made. Morgan chose a stuffed animal (which was easy since she's been to Build-A-Bear). Kaden had a Bionacle, and we were all shocked when his first step was "drilling for petroleum to make plastic"!

When we were done, we finished our planning for the rest of the States Unit and I vowed to get on the ball with my Flat Stanley project! So if you offered to Flat swap with me and I haven't mailed you a Flat Texas Cowboy... please kindly remind me! I'll get it in the mail pronto!

I'm off to bed early tonight. Whew. What a day!

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Teresa said...

I love seeing everyone's harvest pics...I would love to have a green thumb like you!

Anonymous said...

Oh how exciting. I'm so glad you were able to do some kind of garden this year!

Anonymous said...

We are in NC and would love to get a Flat Cowboy from Texas. We are going to be stuying the states this year as well, so I think I'll try to do this too.

Tammy Garrett
5903 Hornbeam Ct.
Charlotte, NC 28269



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