August 02, 2008

Southerners, Swap Gifts, Speaking, and Other Stuff


Lookie what I got! Lori is the fastest swapper I have swapped with yet. She even got me some silver clips for my 'wall of inspiration'. Can't wait to use them and dig in to that hot cocoa and chocolate-raspberry tea. Love her note cards she sent, too! And the awesome leather bookmark. The only thing better would have been her delivering it in person! I would love to meet that lovely lady. Seems there are quite a few wonderful Georgia bloggers out there - my southern sisters and fellow drinkers of sweet tea.

Lori's swap box was the perfect ending to an extremely important and busy day yesterday. Not only did I get some news that I can't share just yet, but I also did my first online blogging conference chat! If you woke up early to participate, THANK YOU for being there. I haven't been able to get much blogging done because of the conference, but I'll be back... between that and weekend naps I plan to catch.

Tomorrow, Dawn and I are speaking again at the Heart of the Matter Online Homeschool Conference on Burnout. In case you didn't know, I live my life in a constant state of burnout, so I'm pretty much the authority on it. It was the only speaking topic besides 'Blogging' I felt qualified to share on. I know Dawn feels the same way. We commiserate with each other often.... only she has an excuse with 6 kids more than I have.

So while I try to get my desk, house, brain, conference notes for tomorrow and life together today, please visit our blogging link above for some tips from our seminar yesterday. Eventually we'll make the audio available pending approval from HOTM and me (I hate hearing my voice on tape).

Enjoy your Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

Lori is a ridiculously fast swapper, which inspired me, too! This just made me realize that my swap partner email came while I was at the homeschool conference last weekend and I never really saw it. Needless to say, I haven't bought a gift, yet!

See ya later, chat buddy!

SuperAngel said...

Mrs. Mac is extremely fast with swapping! I was so surprised when I got my gift like 3 day after we matched! :D

I want to try some of that chocolate raspberry tea! That sounds really good!

Praying that you are not stressed out! HUGS!


Anonymous said...

WOW Spurdabee that is really cool picture. Loving it I wish to see you again to!! I wish I could give you a huge from Indiana to. Right from Indiana!!! LOL.. I don't mind if you like to give more and more comments!!! It looks really good!!


With Much Love,

Angie said...

You did great on your blogging talk this morning! Can't wait for tomorrow. This conference has been amazing!


Jacque Dixon said...

LOVED listening to you and Dawn this afternoon!
You gals are so real and so fun!

Very cool on the gifts. I am in the same place Dawn is... I got the other info from you, then I forgot, because I am working on the girls' computers...
I looked at it last night, but I really need to get Sallie's gifts around!!

Glad to see your great gifts!



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